Month: October 2014

It’s only Collectif but I like it…

You may be noticing a recurring theme here – Collectif (!

I just can’t help myself and what with it being half term, I took little jaunt into Brighton. I, of course, chose the rainiest day this week for my excursion. I scurried off the train and down into the North Laines, quickly ensconcing myself in Waikika Moo Kau to share a delicious Vegetarian Mezze with one of my oldest and bestest friends. We then had a wander and inevitably ended up in the lovely Collectif store. I tried on some wide leg trousers and tried to determine if I liked them, if they suited me and if I could wear them to work. More on that to follow!

Today I’m sharing a bargainous find! I had a good root through the sale stock up on the mezzanine (I’ve been lucky there before!) and found this beauty:


I found it, I stroked it, my friend said it was flattering, and the fact that it was almost 50% off was a clincher!


I wasn’t wearing vintage clothes for these snaps I’ll be honest – but I do think the teaming of my Tatty Devine ( necklace and the coat is a winner. I’m also lucky enough to live a 2 minute walk from this yacht festooned harbour! I told the Dr I’d pick one out and he could pop it in my stocking. He seemed unconvinced…


Being a shop soiled item, it had lost it’s belt, so I bought 2m of ribbon this morning for the princely sum of 90p. I’m not sure the colour works as well as I’d like, but at that cost I can try every colour in the spectrum til I’m happy!


All in all, I’m happy with my purchase and I’ll think my new coat and I will be very happy together this winter!

It is with a flick of ribbon I say:

It’s only vintage but I like it!

It’s only Twitter but I like it…

I have been neglecting you I know, but my job is killing me – just a 12 hour day today!

Tonight all I’ve had the energy for is a little Twittering. I’ve been using Twitter for years in another guise but I decided to start this account to compliment my blog. Thought it might be a nice way to contact and share my posts with people. Anyway, please have a look and add me if you’re in the Twittersphere!

I’ll be back with some vintagey goodness soon, I promise!

It is with a Tweet I say:
It’s only Vintage but I like it…

It’s only a Pin-up but I like it…

After a little hiatus (I’ve been feeling a bit delicate, but all better now) I’m back and I want to share with you one of my heroines: Bettie Page.


Bettie is a pin up from the 1950s who I’d be surprised if you didn’t recognise. She was a secretary by trade but did a bit of modelling at weekends to top up her income. She did a number of different things: modelled for photography clubs, for cult photographer Bunny Yeager and perhaps infamously, posed for some fetish photos too. The later part of Bettie’s life, post modelling, is a little messy and sad in places and not something I’ll dwell on here.


My Bettie obsession reached a peak over the summer and I watched several films about her. The first was a documentary called ‘Bettie Page Reveals All’. This was for the most part quite disappointing. It was mostly images of Bettie interspersed with interviews with people who knew her. The background music was quite intrusive and really detracted from the whole thing. The Dr and I endured it and it does give you some insights into her life, many of them from Bettie herself.


I also watched The Notorious Bettie Page which was a more entertaining watch, being a feature film rather than a documentary. Sources say Bettie herself didn’t like the film and said it was not an accurate portrayal of her, but hey, that’s a story as old as the hills!

So, why is Bettie one of my heroines? I’m a feminist, I’m a woman, I adore vintage. Why am I choosing a pin up girl to idolise?


Largely I think she was just very good at what she did. She was very natural, she looked like she was having fun, and according to the people who took her photos she did love posing and having her photo taken. She was very comfortable with her body, happy to be nude and fearless in the pursuit of a good shot – even getting up close and personal with these leopards when Bunny asked her to!

She made a lot of her own swimsuits, bikinis etc. When you look at them in the light of what might have been considered decent in the 1950s you can see that they are somewhat skimpy! Bettie wasn’t afraid to challenge what was considered acceptable.


She does what she does very naturally. I am with Caitlin Moran on the issue of nudity – if it genuinely empowers a woman to pose nude then why shouldn’t she. Bettie had an enviable figure and wasn’t afraid of it or what it could do for her. I think she looks amazing and I’d definitely aspire to a figure like that. She has great legs, an ample bosom and that high waist – I’d remove ribs to achieve it ( probably the only way I would ever achieve it)!


All in all, I’m in awe of Bettie’s figure and her natural playfulness in front of the camera. In a world where we are bombarded with images of either physically altered models or digitally altered images I like the fact Bettie did what she did and enjoyed it. She was comfortable and natural and I think it is nor surprise that some of her most celebrated images are taken by (female) photographer Bunny Yeager.


It is with a saucy wink I say:
It’s only vintage but I like it!

It’s only Promotion but I like it!

They say ‘one good turn deserves another’ and quite frankly, who am I to disagree?

I am referring to two ladies who have been kind enough to give me a little plug lately.
First off is the lovely Michelle Hatcher from I signed up to her newsletter a few months ago and have enjoyed every offering that’s dropped into my inbox. It’s a great round up of fairs and events around the UK and really does give you a flavour of what’s going on. Michelle kindly agreed to include my review of the Lou Lou’s Vintage Fair in Southampton recently and I loved attending and reviewing the event. I must admit I squealed super loudly on the bus when I saw my review as part of her newsletter! Michelle also produces a magazine which I must get round to purchasing as I really do enjoy the newsletter – thanks Michelle!


Another plug that came my way was in the shape of a shout out from This is my friend Tat who is Tiny, a mean dancer and on a journey of ever increasingly complicated manicures! Visit my fellow wordpress blogger mate to discover stamping, feature nails, dotting tools and much more. There’s more to nail varnish than I ever imagined. If only I had the patience and dexterity!

It is with increasing traffic I say:

It’s only vintage but I like it…