Month: July 2015

It’s only Pin Up Girl Clothing but I like it…

As mentioned in an earlier post I gave my Mum a mission to bring this Pin Up Girl ( dress back from America.


I wore it to my lovely friend Chloe’s wedding. I accessorised it with this wooden Fruit Market necklace from Tatty Devine( I absolutely adore it! I think I had a fruit jigsaw when I was a little girl and it reminds me of that. My sunnies are Roxy, my specs are Retro Peepers and my lips are Besame Cherry.


I decided to bite the bullet and try some wedges with it. I’ve been meaning to try them for ages and I went for quite a high pair from White Stuff( I bought them on eBay and they arrived just in time. They were a lovely tan colour and, as it turned out, super comfy! I managed quite well in them, navigating lawns and gravel drives without toppling over!


The dress itself was fab to wear. A nice thick cotton with adjustable straps and that orange print is to die for. It is a very full ‘full circle’ skirt! There is an awful lot of material in that skirt! It was a good fit on my waist, with the the orange belt helping, but not the greatest fit on my torso. It has some boning to the bodice, which didn’t quite sit where I needed it to. My boobs didn’t seem to sit high enough in it. Maybe I need to try it with another bra.


I added an extra long petticoat from Hell Bunny. On reflection I might have been better off with an ordinary length petticoat. I’m not sure if I like the look of it sticking out from underneath. Is it meant to? Answers on a postcard please…


I didn’t manage to get many good photos as my phone is malfunctioning at the moment. The Dr took these on his phone and this is a photo of the bride and groom that I knicked from Facebook.


 It was a beautiful day and I was complimented lots of times on my dress. I had a chat with some ladies in the loo about my necklace. They were amazed I hadn’t bought the dress and necklace from the same place. I felt fab and love the swing photos! I may have made the whole outfit a bit ‘orangey’ but who cares?!

It is with a Kia-Ora reference I say:

It’s only vintage but I like it!

It’s only a Charity Shop but I like it….

I had to nip into town in my lunch hour the other day. I rarely do it, I’m usually shovelling a tuna salad and marking maths books. It’s not the greatest way to spend an hour but it beats sitting around and doing it at the end of the day. I was lured out by a phone call from the jewellers to say my engagement ring had been resized and was ready to be collected.

I dashed out (once I’d shovelled the tuna salad) and was there within 10minutes. The ring is now a perfect fit and I was feeling smiley. Knowing I didn’t have anything to get ready for the afternoon, I decided to have a wander round the numerous charity shops my part of Southampton has to offer.


First find was two bubble vases for my collection! Just 99p each. I really should slow down on these now as I hear someone else has collected a shoebox full for me – amazing!



Next up was this pretty pale blue serving dish. I love the colour and it’s ding and dent-free. It’s a good match for my crockery and my other serving dishes and at £3.50 I thought it should come and live with me!


My final, and favourite find was this set of Bovril jars. They are hard to photograph but I adore the fact they are in size order – 16oz, 8oz, 4oz and 2oz. Super cute! I don’t know where they’ll live but I need them in my life! £4.99 for the set which I thought was reasonable!

Very successful for a quick 20 minute run round! I went back to school feeling quite naughty but with a big smile. Now I just need to make sure lunchtime shopping is not too much of a regular thing…

It is with a large pile of marking I say:
It’s only vintage but I like it! (more…)

It’s only a Wedding but I like it…

I got an impromptu wedding invite this week. An Abu Dhabi friend is having a small do in Sussex to celebrate her nuptials and had a few drop outs so has asked if the Dr and I would like to join them. Am most delighted and of course it is the perfect excuse for a new dress!

My Mum spent a few weeks in America recently (damn these footloose and fancy free retired people!) and she messaged me while I was there to see if there was anything I wanted her to bring back. After a swift chat with the Dr we confirmed that most of their confectionary is below par and we couldn’t think of anything else we desired! Then it struck me! Pin Up Girl dresses! (

I sent my mum three links and asked her to choose a dress and get it sent to her hosts’ address. Now my Mum is pretty awesome and she somehow knew exactly which of the three dresses I really wanted and she manage to coordinate buying it and bringing it back to the UK. It’s in the post to me from Wales as we speak…


I spent ages with a tape measure, analysing their size guide, figuring out the right size so I really hope it fits. Now I just need your help accessorising it. Petticoat? Shoes? Necklace? Bag? What would you do? Oh and, how do I convince the Dr he really does want to wear and suit and smart shoes? It’s going to take all my feminine charm…

It is with a beguiling look I say:
It’s only Vintage but I like it!

It’s only a light shade but I like it…

I’m still choosing bits and pieces for the house. Some decisions are tricky and have me scrolling eBay for hours, some just slot into place very quickly.

We have a high ceilinged hallway which had some quite naff black chandelier type things.


I was not a big fan.

The house was built in the 30s and something made me think of the lovely glass shades that were popular then. Whilst your typical Tiffany-style shade might have been a bit cheesy I searched eBay and found plenty of results that I thought might work.


I love this one – plain and classy, it lets lots of light into the hallway and that beautiful amber glass is perfect for my glass obsession.

I also happened upon these lovely ‘fly catcher’ type shades with the beautiful milk glass. There were so many to choose from and they came in a plethora of colours and shapes. The prices ranged too, but I got mine for about £20 – another bargain! It gives a beautiful diffused light – very soft and subtle.


I haven’t put it up yet because to needs a hook and possibly the flex shortening. It’s on the list for my brother next time he comes down to do some jobs. It’s surprising how much he gets down with a steady supply of tea and malt loaf!

So another few purchases that take me closer to my imagined home. I do now have two guest rooms ready to go and I’ve almost finished painting our bedroom. I’m all out of energy until the end of term I think, so the rest of the decorating can wait until I’m on school holidays. For now I shall just enjoy the finished rooms and be dazzled by my lovely Art Deco style lampshades!

It is with a heavenward gaze I say:
It’s only vintage but I like it!