Polly is a UK blogger living in the south. She loves wearing vintage clothes and is creating a vintage home in the 1930s house she bought with her husband last year. She loves a good boot sale and a Charity Shop rummage and you can see her finds on Instagram and sometimes here!

Follow Polly’s trials, tribulations and er, disasters on her journey to a vintage home and wardrobe!


Photo: Flo Westbrook

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  1. Polly, you must be younger than me. The 1950s, when I was a child under 10, I remember as a decade brown in colour, plagued by power cuts, so homework had to be done by candlelight, floored with freezing lino and with fashion magazines full of ‘fashion plates’ which was what we called the women pictured therein, with their ridiculous clothes, such as hobble skirts in which you couldn’t climb on a bike or a moped, or even walk properly. Our parents had some fun, tearing off to cocktail parties, my Mum wearing some beautiful iridescent frock she had sewn herself, and her black bearskin coat that we ruined playing bears, and her handbag bursting on the way out with gold-tipped Russian Sobranie cigarettes, and bursting when she came home with hors d’oeuvres, multi-colour dyed cocktail onions, Twiglets and whatever else she could find to bring back for us. That part was all right, but the main thing I remember about the fifties was the COOOOOLD!

    • Thank you so much for your comment. I am indeed younger, a child of the 80s in fact.
      I love your summary of the decade and am sure you’re accurate about it all. I’d love to have beeen there!

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