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It’s only Wedding hair and Make up but I like it!

Hair Claire

I met Claire Byrne through a Facebook group for vintage lovers in my area. I asked a question about where to buy hair accessories for my hair and was immediately pointed in Claire’s direction. She’s been cutting my hair ever since and also gave me some hair flowers to review. My sister and I modelled for her at a vintage fair recently too. I knew exactly who i wanted to do my hair on my big day – its not just anyone who can achieve the things that Claire can achieve. She knows exactly what she’s doing and is experienced in creating vintage up dos, classy styles and super curls.

Hair Claire 2

Flo Westbrook was very enthusiastic when she took photos of me getting ready! There are lots and they’re all fabulous! When I said I wanted my hair down and curly Claire knew exactly what to do! She started with a wet set and left me drying while she got started on the bridesmaid’s hair.

iso hair

Iso had a little wave at the front and then a gorgeous big purple orchid – handmade by Claire of course!

Mol hair

Molly has lovely, long thick hair and so we gave her a big thick ponytail, a matching ribbon and a little wave at the back with a pink orchid.

Mol hair 2

Jess had some lovely curls and a little white orchid.

Jess hair

We all had fun choosing from Claire’s box of delights!

hair claire flowers

Sharon Dawson is a friend of Claire’s and was our Make Up artist for the day. Just like Claire she was very easy going and really put us all at ease.

Sharon MUA

I don’t wear a lot of make up so was happy to be advised by Sharon on what to choose.

polly MU

I love the smoky eyes she gave me and it’s inspired me to try recreating the look myself!

Polly MU4

I don’t normally wear foundation but the one Sharon used was very light and breathable.

Polly MU2

As you can see the overall look was stunning.

Polly MU3

The only input I had into my make up was asking if we could use my Besame Cherry Red lipstick. I just love the shade on me – it’s very bold but I do think it works!

Hair Claire 3

Then I headed back to Claire for the finishing touches to my barnet!

Polly Hair

Some anxious looks here – looking a bit Martha Reeves?

Polly Hair 2

polly hair final

She teased all my curls into the right places and we added a white orchid and a teal orchid.


I’m so pleased with my finished look – so very vintage and perfect for me! Claire and Sharon were just amazing and so very easy to be around on a potentially stressful morning! The last 20 minutes before we left the house were mad – I had three people trying to get me into my shape wear, then my dress and not lose all my make up in the process! I can’t believe how great I look in the photos and wish I could call on Claire and Sharon every morning!

It is with a desire for live-in Hair and Make up artists I say:

It’s only vintage but I like it!

It’s only Uptown Curls but I like it…

Uptown Curls is the brainchild of Claire Byrne who is a mobile hairdresser based in Southampton. I got to know Claire through a Southampton Vintage Facebook group.


Claire has been a hairstylist for many years and has a lot of experience in, amongst other things, vintage styles. She has styled my hair for several events and is actually going to be the stylist for my wedding day.


Not it only is Claire experienced and skilled but she is very down to earth and great at putting you at your ease. I think we’ve all experienced those 7 foot tall, perfectly turned out, rather sniffy stylists who like to tell you how your hair should look, well that’s not what you get with Claire! She’s easy to talk to and eager to give you the style you desire.


Claire not only styles hair but also makes her own fabulous hair decorations. She kindly sent me some to review and I’ve been using them for the last few weeks. I have to say the quality is fantastic. They are lovely quality flowers and well constructed. I remember buying some from a leading accessory store as a teenager and they lasted only a few wears before fraying and falling apart!


Claire is available for styling for events, weddings, and can often be found at vintage fairs in the south. She also does ‘hair parties’ where she brings along a pop up salon and will do haircuts for as many people as you can fit in your house! I had one at half term and my friends and their tinies had lots of fun drinking tea, eating cake and getting bargain cuts from Claire.

My sister and I did some modelling for Claire recently at a Yellow Vintage Fair. We had a lovely day, got a lovely hair do and hopefully got Claire some new customers to boot! Please check out Claire’s Facebook page: Uptown Curls .


It is with a desire for a ‘Claire do’ everyday I say:

It’s only vintage but I like it!

*I was given some of these items to review, but the views, as always, are my own.*

It’s only Lush but I like it…

There are a few things helping to keep me warm this Winter. To be honest I need all the help I can get, having spent the last 2 years in the desert my tolerance to the cold has all but disappeared. My new commute doesn’t help – it’s the first time I’ve had to use buses and I’m finding they don’t run to time in the same way trains do…

This fella keeps me company most nights, I requested a hot water bottle from Dr P before I came home last Christmas and this was his choice. He’s just as adorable in real life as he looks here and I never get tired of announcing that I’m taking a soldier to bed 😉


The thing I really wanted to share was this delicious shower gel from Lush. I’ve been a devotee of theirs since way back in the Cosmetics To Go days and I’m consistently impressed but their products. The Dr knows I am a fan so he bought me 2 of their lovely Christmas gifts. If you’re not familiar, they put groups of products together and wrap them beautifully. I love receiving them and they’re fab for Secret Santa gifts!


I had heard of the Hot Toddy shower gel, but never tried it. On my first use I was smitten. For our transatlantic cousins, a hot toddy is a warm alcoholic drink. It often contains hot water, whiskey, sugar, spices and other ingredients. It’s is supposed to relieve the symptoms of a cold and I think it would certainly make me feel better given that just the shower gel has a lovely warming effect on me! I remember my Dad talking about a drink his family made in the winter, which involved heating the beverage up with a hot poker from the fire. I don’t know if this was a Hot Toddy but I like to think so.


It’s a deep red colour with flecks of gold glitter. It’s has a delicious, warming, spicy smell with citrus notes. The ingredients include ginger, cinnamon, cloves and lemon and they are all present. It’s creates a beautiful lather and I can feel it warming my Winter-weary bones even as I step outside the door. I am truly grateful Lush, this desert dwelling girl is making her way towards spring with a smile.

It is with a warm tingle I say:

It’s only vintage but I like it!

*This was my own vintage adventure and I (well, Dr P!) paid for all these products*

It’s only a Wet Set but I like it…

As mentioned earlier, I had a go at a wet set last weekend and I need to update you!

This was one of my targets for the new year – to find some new things to do with my hair. After a quick search of the blogosphere I found some great advice from Tasha at and from

I had nipped into Boots and Superdrug whilst in town and grabbed the equipment and products these ladies recommended.


I bought perm rods and and sponge rollers from Boots, along with a new Kent hairbrush (time to treat myself now I have a newsworthy barnet to work with!) and some of their Curl Creme – this has some great reviews all over the net and it was super cheap! I also got a can of Tressemme Freeze Hold hair spray.

I wanted some StaySet setting lotion but Superdrug were all out, so I bought their own brand setting lotion instead.

I started by washing my hair and letting it dry a little before beginning with the rollers.


I found it quite hard to roll and make the rolls ‘snug’. Not sure what I’m doing wrong!


I divided each section, rubbed some setting lotion through it and then rolled it. I did Tasha’s trick of rotating the horizontal bar of each roller to avoid dents at the top of my curls.


I rolled each section, put a wide, elastic hairband over it and settled down for the night. Now I have heard some people find it really hard to sleep in rollers. I can’t say it was the best night’s sleep I’ve ever had, I was aware of the rollers at several points in the night. By the time I woke up, the headband had disappeared and so had the roller at the front! I don’t know if it just came undone or I tore it out at some point! These are genuine just-woke-up photo – the things I do for you!


I removed the rollers with huge excitement – to reveal super curly hair!


I then brushed just the top part of my hair, until I met the resistance of the curls, to get that flat top, leading to curls 1940s look. This was another Tasha tip! I managed to make that bit of hair that was sans roller come the dawn, into a nice smooth wave across my forehead and secured it with some Tresemme hairspray. I smoothed some Curl Creme on the curls and separated them little with my fingers. A couple of Kirby grips behind one ear kept them where I wanted them. The Curl Creme was fab, giving them shape and a glossy finish without any crunch or stickiness. Definite winner there!


Overall, I was quite happy with the look. There were a few curls that were too curly, I need to decide on a tightness when I’m rolling. I also think I needed to roll with the hair on an angle? I’m not sure. I’m going to have a look at some video tutorials and see if that makes it clearer. I kept the curls for a few days and it was fun to have a different look.


It is with a curly ‘do I say:

It’s only vintage but I like it!