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It’s only Vivien of Holloway but I like it…

My brother married his lovely fiancée at the beginning of June. They tied the knot in Portmeirion in North Wales, which if you don’t know it, is a stunning location. It was built by eccentric architect Clough Williams Ellis, whose vision for an Italianate village led him to build in this charming valley in North Wales.

It was the setting for 1960s TV series The Prisoner, starring Patrick McGoohan, which has become something of a cult classic.

The wedding was the first big event we’d been to as a family of three and my first chance to dress up post-baby! It was a lot of driving but we were very excited to stay in the beautiful Portmeirion Hotel (just behind Patrick in the photo above!) and explore the village together.


The village is beautiful, quirky, charming and really has to be visited, because every nook and cranny holds a delight.

But enough about that. On to the real reason for my post: the dress. And no, I don’t mean the bride’s dress. Hers was very nice but it wasn’t vintage inspired. I decided to go for a Tiki theme as I’d been asked to play my ukulele in the wedding ceremony. I looked through all my favourite websites but this beauty from Vivien of Holloway ( )caught my eye.

I’m a big fan of Vivien of Holloway (my wedding dress was VofH!) and this dress didn’t disappoint. The only thing I find difficult is the sizing. They don’t marry up to high street sizes and you have to try and order from your measurements – but mine never seem to match a size that works on me so I have a lot of ordering and returning by mail order until I find what fits.

The fabric was great – nice weight cotton mix that hung beautifully. I paired it with a green petticoat (also VofH) and some wedges from White Stuff few years back. I find having a baby on your arm/shoulder/hip makes most jewellery impractical these days, so I decided against the bamboo bangles and silver pendant I’d like to have worn! I did of course, put a flower from Claire at Uptown Curls in my hair!

The fit was great, it nipped me in at the waist and was snug across the bust. The halterneck, although not adjustable, worked perfectly. Best of all, there was yards and yards of lovely full circle skirt to skim out over my petticoat.

Later on in the evening I got to sing a number with the band – that’s a pint of water, I promise!

Lovely sister and me, posing in front of the stunning views.

I think I carried out my hula girl duties satisfactorily and a good time was had by all.

It is with hazy summer memories I say:

It’s only vintage but I like it!

It’s only Little Bird but I like it…

It hasn’t taken me long to fall in love with a retro inspired range of clothing for kids. Albert is just 3 weeks old and I’ve already discovered the Little Bird range of clothes, designed my Jools Oliver and stocked by Mothercare.

I think I like the range because it reminds me of the kinds of clothes I was wearing when I was teeny. Photos depict me in 70s styles, despite the fact I was born at the beginning of the 80s. My Mum, like most new Mums, took all the hand-me-downs she was offered, knowing that you can never have too many outfits in those early days. This meant I was in my cousin’s 70s outfits for the first few years.

It seems traditional to put babies in pastels, but I think I rather like these 70s inspired rainbow brights.

I particularly love these rainbow cot sheets – how cute!

I think Baby G is going to look cute as a little 1970s rainbow…

It is with a nostalgic nod to childhood I say:

It’s only vintage but I like it!

It’s only a pair of Espadrilles but I like it…

You may remember me mentioning Amy Laws ( before. She of the lovely dresses!

image image image

Amy’s handmade designs are so gorgeous! Her Rockabilly Robin dress has been my staple Christmas dress for a few years now.

I was interested to see she’d branched out this summer with a new range of footwear. Now, not meaning to sound like an Alan Bennett monologue, but I’ve led a very sheltered life espadrille-wise. I honestly do not think I’ve ever tried some on let alone owned a pair.


Seeing Amy’s new range though, I definitely think I could be persuaded to give them a go.


My only dilemma is which pair to go for…


What do you think? Rainy days, pineapples or ice creams?

It is with a tough decision to make I say:

It’s only vintage but I like it!

It’s only Jodie but I like it….

With the advent of warmer weather I am thinking of ways to keep cool during the interminably long summer term.  It’s lovely to have the hot weather but I spend much of June and July in a classroom with 30 little bodies desperately trying to stay cool and keep their little minds on the task at hand.


As usual Collectif have come up with the goods. I love this jumpsuit! It’s a really nice vintagey print and looks like a cool cotton fabric too. Those wide leg trousers would make for some great air flow.


It’s not too revealing in the cleavage department and not too figure hugging either. I feel sure this would be a winner!

It is with a desire for a jumpsuit I say:

Its only vintage but I like it!

It’s only Gingham but I like it…

I’ve had an obsession with gingham since I had some little gingham shoes from Mothercare when I was a toddler. Despite loving the stuff, I can’t remember the last time I had any clothing made from this cutesy check.


As usual, have come up with the goods and I’ve been dreaming of this mint check dress all week. Oh how I adore that colour!


Of course blue gingham is Ultimately desirable and the little daisy details on this make it even more perfect… Collectif again! image

Even my feet can get involved! These are Collectif too and they’re on sale right now. Really feeling I must make a purchase soon – my summer is not going to be complete without a mint gingham dress to flounce around in!

It is with a pastel-hued summer in mind, I say:

It’s only vintage but I like it!

It’s only Collectif but I like it…

It’s no secret that I’m a Collectif fan. I’ve blogged about their clothes herehere and here just to name a few posts.


I should probably shut up about them, but they keep bringing out amazing new prints and designs.

lemon print collectif

I’m a sucker for a nice print and I love fruity designs – so fun and retro!

collectif Lemons Print Pencil Dress collectif Lemons Print Swing Dress

I particularly love this playsuit – I’m too curvy and too old to wear it, but oh, the cuteness!

collectif Lemons Print Playsuit

There’s a pretty top too, if dresses and playsuits are not your bag.

Collectif Lemons Print Top

Such a great print for summer – I know we’re not quite there but the sight raise in temperature gives me hope!

It is with plans for a summer wardrobe I say:

It’s only vintage but I like it!

It’s only a Bridesmaid but I like it…

Back in June I asked three ladies to do me the honour of being my bridesmaids. I did this, for some reason, in the style of Lily Allen:

I chose my little cousin Molly, my sister Jess and one of my best and most long standing friends Iso.

Due to the different ages and heights of my bridesmaids I decided to go with a fairly plain and classic dress that I knew would suit all of hem and would be quite comfortable on the day. A quick look at Lindy Bop ‘s website left in me in no doubt that Audrey would be the right lady for the vintage look I was trying to achieve!


I initially though about having all my bridesmaids in polka dots but in the end I decide just to put Molly in spots and let my two senior bridesmaid rock a classic colour. I teamed the dresses up with this lovely royal blue petticoat:


I decided to leave the finer details of footwear to the Brideys to organise and made my final job to buy them white pashmina each and a Tatty Devine name necklace!

Bridesmaid 2 Bridesmaid 3 bridesmaid1

As usual lovely Flo Westbrook has done us proud with some images!


I’m very happy with the quality of the dresses and petticoats. I ironed my sister’s dress and the cotton was a nice thick material that held a pressing well. They looked lovely with petticoats under them and I didn’t hear any complaints from the girls about the petticoats although I know they can take a bit of getting used to! The two blue dresses were purchased in the January sale and only cost about eighteen pounds each. All in all the Audrey was a thrifty and gorgeous choice and I think my ladies looked fab in them!

bridesmaids b&w

I can’t imagine having spent my day with any other ladies!

It is with a finger on my chin I say:

It’s only vintage but I like it!

It’s only a Wedding Dress but I like it!

I have a little announcement to make!


I’m married! (Although you may have picked that up!)

The Dr and I tied the knot on the 31st of March and had a blissful day. I have lots of things to tell you about the day but I’m going to spread it out over a few blog posts, starting today with the most important thing: my outfit!

I tried on various dresses. I tried, I really did. After a distressing experience in a bridal shop a few years back I vowed I would not set foot in one again. On said occasion I was a bridesmaid and the assistant in the shop insisted on dropping dresses over my head that were several sizes too small (‘just to see’), shoved her hands up my skirt to help my into the dress and then paraded me around in front of the shop window with half my back hanging out of the dress. Or at least that’s how it felt to me. I was much bigger back then, had zero body confidence and didn’t own any dresses…

Luckily, 2016 finds me several sizes smaller and much more in tune with my feminine side. I didn’t visit any bridal boutiques, I met with Gilly from Gilly-Leigh’s Vintage and PreLoved Wedding Gowns and tried on a few of her vintage gowns but, as is the nature of vintage, she just didn’t have anything that was quite right at the time. She was lovely though and has an ever expanding range of dresses, so give her a look if that’s your bag.

I’ve been following Vivien of Holloway for some time now on Facebook and loved their bridal range. I sent for and tried on both the Grace and Duchess dresses.

Vivien of Holloway Duchess
Vivien of Holloway Grace

After some deliberation (and sending my mum selfies in both dresses) I decided Grace, with her snug waistline, wrap detailing and partial sleeves was a more ‘grown up’ look. I also thought Grace would show off the fact that, with a bit of help, I can have a tiny waist!

I should admit at this point that before I even bought a dress I had purchased these delicate beauties from Irregular Choice.


I later relented, admitted I couldn’t really walk in them and they might make me just fractionally taller than the Dr, and bought the same style of shoes in a kitten heel.

My next idea I cherry-picked from blogger Georgina Horne as she looked so lovely on her big day.


I fell in love with George’s petticoat and decided to add a splash of colour to my outfit in the same way. Luckily the fabric in my Irregular Choice shoes perfectly matched the teal petticoat I bought from Vivien of Holloway.


The dress and petticoat covered my ‘Something new’ and ‘Something blue’ and I figured a simple string of pearls might be a good look, so the vintage pearls that the Dr’s Mum gave me covered my ‘Something old’.


I borrowed a ring from my sister and completed the quartet.

The next question was what shape wear would give me the smooth lines I desired. I’ve lost lots of weight, but still have some jelly rolls on my tummy which get in the way of lots of clothing choices.


This Waspie Glamour Nouveau from What Katie Did did a perfect job and was relatively comfortable. By the end of the night I was feeling the need to remove it, I will admit, but it’s shape wear – it needs to be snug and it did make me look very smooth.

So here’s the overall look! More on hair and make up to come!

I’ve only had a few finished images from lovely photographer Flora Westbrook but they look amazing and they show off my outfit very well! I’ll be sharing more, have no doubt!




It is with something old, new, borrowed and blue I say:

It’s only vintage but I like it!

It’s only Lindy Bop Myrtle but I like it…


My sister had told me I’d need to wear one of my retro dresses for my Hen weekend.


A quick look through my wardrobe gave me lots of options but in the end I plumped for this Myrtle dress from Lindy Bop. I bought this a little while back and haven’t yet had an opportunity to wear it. I bought it because I loved the print – that combination of turquoise squares and pink roses was a winner as far as I was concerned.


I also loved the lapel detail – what an unusual shape at the bust, with some button features too.


I teamed my myrtle up with some mid heel Trinkletina shoes from Irregular Choice. I’ve had them ages and the blue and pink floral fabrics are so cute! They were a good match. A pink cardi from H&M and I was good to go.

image imageimage

Myrtle is a great shape and this size 14 dress fits my torso perfectly, really nipping me in at the waist. It’s a good weight and I love the bust detailing. It looked fab with a petticoat and was comfy enough for me to dance in all morning. I can’t see to find it on the Lindy Bop website but a quick Google tells me there are still lots of them for sales from other places and in a range of colours and patterns. It was the perfect dress for my Hen Do and I’ll always remember it and how good I felt in it!

It is with fond memories I say:

It’s only vintage but I like it!


It’s only Nina but I like it…

Just a quick post to draw your attention to a new addition to Collectif’s current collection:  Nina .


 What a lady. I think it’s a very soft, flattering shape and I love the polka dot details. The fine gauzy layer over the top is rather dreamy and I think you’d feel a million dollars and very feminine in this. Perfect for summer weddings teamed with a flower or two in your up-do.


I like the fact that it looks like an off the shoulder dress but still has those fine mesh sleeves, meaning that ladies like myself with ample bosomage don’t need to worry about wardrobe malfunctions!


The coral and pale blue flock spots are just perfect and, it’s just possible, had I seen this beauty earlier, it might have been a contender for my wedding day!

It is with a hope for a wedding invitation for the summer, I say:

It’s only vintage but I like it!