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It’s only Lady V London but I like it…


It’s that time of year when all the clothing companies announce their new ranges and I currently have so many clothing posts on the back burner! I am trying to space them out and intersperse them with other things!

antiquekey detail

This however, could not wait. I’m a real sucker for a great fabric print – a fact I’m sure I’ve attested to on a few occasions. This one is so quirky and there’s something magical about keys, right? It’s quite steampunk, it makes me think of Mary digging up the key to the secret garden aided by a robin and it reminds me of the reading books I read with my sister when she was little, in which a magical key transported children to places and times where they had adventures!

antiquekey back

I love the colour and cut of the dress – the back detailing is flirty and yet subtle.

I think it would be great for Winter parties and events and I could see it working dressed up or down. Head over to the Lady V London website ( ) and this beauty can be yours…

antiquekey full length

Who knows, something magical might just happen when you’re wearing it?

It is with hope for a glowing key I say:

It’s only vintage but I like it…

It’s only a Coat but I like it…

As the nights begin to draw in and it feels like Autumn is definitely creeping up on us, my mind always turns to what I am going to use to keep the chill out in the coming months. Although it is actually my favourite season I am definitely not a fan of the temperature drop that it brings! I grew up in a draughty stone farmhouse on a hilltop in Wales and suffered enough cold in my childhood to last me the rest of my days. I stubbornly refuse to be cold any more than I have to be!

I love choosing my Winter coat and I am seldom seen without a scarf in Winter months too. Luckily my school is in a very new and heat-effective building and, once I’d sorted out the cleaner who opened all my classroom windows at 6am, maintains a nice temperature throughout the day. I do walk to and from work though so I need something substantial to keep me snug on my 15 minute scurry through the frosty air.

I’d like something with a vintage feel, even if it is not actually vintage. Here is my round up so far:

Caterina Monsoon

This Caterina cape coat from Monsoon (,mon_1.5/8481430153) is quite 1940s and reminded me of Call the Midwife! What do you think?

Tilda Monsoon

I love this 1960s style coat also from Monsoon called Tilda. Just look at the detailing, that print and those vintage look buttons – it’s a dream!

Screen Shot 2015-09-20 at 14.12.21

I’ve long been a fan of Scottish clothing company Ness and a few of their beautiful coats have accompanied me through Winters of yore, this year I’d have to choose their Trinity Classic coat ( That thick check looks so warm and I’ve always had a penchant for those toggle buttons! This one’s a definite winner for me…

Harris Tweed Blazer

If you wanted something a little lighter until the chill really sets in, why not go for this Harris Tweed blazer from Next. It ticks two boxes for me – I’d have something made from Harris Tweed which I fell in love with when we visited Edinburgh earlier this year, and a blazer which I always think looks great with jeans for a really preppy look.

Screen Shot 2015-09-20 at 14.25.00

This Mossy Thatch velvet coat is from White Stuff ( and I just love the jewel tones. I’m not adverse to brightly coloured coats – in fact I think I probably take more risks in my coat colours than anything else! My last two coats were vibrant shades of teal and raspberry. I love thick wintery fabrics like this velvet too.

So all I need to do now is pick one and snuggle into it anticipating frosty sojourns to work. You know what – I’m secretly looking forward to it!

It is with a longing for a frost I say:

It’s only vintage but I like it!

It’s only Collectif AW 2015 but I like it…

It’s always an exciting day when Collectif bring out a new range. Here are my favourites from the Autumn Winter 2015 collection!

Screen Shot 2015-09-20 at 14.39.31

This would just be so incredible as work wear. I must admit I’m not a fan of the “Christmas Jumper’ phenomenon that’s occurred in the last few years. I find it tacky and cheap and really am a complete stick-in-the-mud about the whole thing! But this is so retro and so 40s, that it’s pure class. Also, it might actually make the Collectif wide-leg trousers that I own look right on me. I love them but just don’t quite feel right in them – plagued by the belief I am too short, too fat and too… something! to wear them. I will try again, I promise.

Screen Shot 2015-09-20 at 14.34.13

This is the coat of my dreams. I mean, how fabulous would you feel in it? I’m not sure I could pull this look off but I think it’s a gorgeous article…

Screen Shot 2015-09-20 at 14.40.38

I can however, well imagine myself at a work do or similar event in this lovely spotty creation. It’s a lovely length and so cutesy with the spots and little bow detail. For all you single ladies out there, I’d wager you’ll definitely get a kiss under the mistletoe in this ensemble!

Screen Shot 2015-09-20 at 14.40.02

Finally, if I were the sort of girl who got invited to the sort of parties that suited this beautiful fishtail gown I know I’d choose it. It’s a lovely cut and looks like some stunning material. I’d be channeling that old 1950s glamour in every respect.

Now I just need to decide what to buy and what to hope Santa brings me!

It is with a hopeful heart I say:

It’s only vintage but I like it!

It’s only White Stuff but I like it…

I’ve been a White Stuff ( fan for years now. Lots of lovely classic pieces that can be dressed up or down. This Autumn’s offerings don’t disappoint!

Mossy Thatch Velvet Coat WS

I have owned a rather delicious White Stuff Winter coat before and I loved it. Beautiful quality and a lovely vibrant colour. I now only want big thick, bold, gem-hued coats – nothing else will do! Particularly like the stand up collar on this Mossy Thatch Velvet Coat, it looks very cosy.

Corduroy Cha Cha Dress WS

I also own a lovely corduroy pinafore dress from a previous season and can honestly say it’s one of my comfiest work outfits! It’s a cute, kitsch, vintage style and those polka dots just add to it’s charm. You’ll be snug in this teal ‘Cha Cha Dress’ too.

Brook Knit Dress WS

This Brook Knit Dress has a very 80s feel to me – I’d feel like Maria Mckee in the ‘Show me Heaven’ video! Again it looks super comfy and flattering whilst being perfect for the chilly weather I’m sure we’re about to start experiencing!

Chelsea Boots WS

I’ve been giving lots of thought to Autumn footwear lately. It’s that whole Back-to-School thing you see. I have to think about it now! I’ve been considering some Chelsea boots and I am drawn to the burnished finish on these. Tempting! Very tempting…

Flick Lace up Brogues WS

I don’t need to justify these do I? So, so vintage in their styling! They’d be fab with dresses and tights. A real staple. I’m pretty sure you can’t go wrong with a brogue and the little leather tassels are an adorable addition!

Some lovely ‘new’ things that will blend perfectly with your vintage look. Don’t thank me – it’s all part of the service!

It is with a satisfied smile I say:

It’s only vintage but I like it!

*I was not paid in any way to review this clothing and the opinions expressed are my own.*

It’s only A style icon but I like it…

This post is dedicated to a true Style Icon of the 60s, 70s and beyond: Cilla Black.


 I recently watched a TV series about Cilla’s life (made by ITV, you can get it on Lovefilm) starring Sheridan Smith. It showed the Merseybeat scene at it’s height and I was fascinated to learn Cilla had grown up in the same neighbourhood as members of the Beatles and that it was them who had given Cilla her big break.


I’ve also found a new respect for Cilla as a vocalist. She had eleven Top Ten hits in the 60s and  ‘Anyone Who Had a Heart’ was the biggest selling single by a female recording artist. These are big statistics for a female in a time when lots of new music was around. I’ve sometimes found her voice a little harsh and difficult to tune into but seeing Sheridan Smith perform some of the songs showed me just how powerful her voice was. Some of the numbers she was singing were written by Burt Bacharach and were proper powerhouse compositions – not easy to perform. She delivered them with the right amount of light and shade, with emotion and guts.


As for what she wore, well. She was alive during one of the greatest periods for fashion and she certainly made the most of it.

cilla B 60

She had a fantastic figure and the trends of the day looked amazing on her.

cilla 60

I love the album covers of the 60s – I’m not sure many people could carry off that paisley pattern but I think you’ll agree Cilla has managed it.

cilla 60s

Again hot pants are not forgiving on many figures, but this look is amazing on her.


Managed by Brian Epstein of Beatles fame, Cilla had a successful singing career throughout the 60s and 70s. When Epstein was found dead he was supposedly surrounded by paperwork and one of the documents was a contract for Cilla to host a TV show. This is how I came to know Cilla. When I was a child she was a TV presenter.


I remember her in suits with padded shoulders as was the fashion of the 80s. She was down to earth and funny and people seemed to love her. She also didn’t seem to realise those responses the Blind Date contestants gave were obviously scripted!

Cilla 80s

She always seemed to be in amazing heels and with perfectly manicured nails. She even managed to make those 80s suits look good. Her other big show of his era being ‘Surprise, Surprise’ where she reunited lost families, fulfilled long held wishes for members of the audience and took part in pranks.


I think her success lay in the fact she was always herself. She was loved for her down to earth persona and the fact she always had a smile and a ready laugh. She was true to her roots – no elocution here, thank you – and of course, how can I not mention her life long commitment to husband Bobby.

Cilla Bobby

They are one of those rare showbiz couples that were completely in love from day one until Cilla sadly lost Bobby in 1999. It is perhaps not entirely glib to suggest she may have gone on to be with him somewhere. I love a love story like theirs.

cilla wave

It’s sad to say good bye but Cilla leaves a legacy of music and TV behind her that any performer could be very proud of.

It is with memories of a lorra lorra laughs I say:

It’s only vintage but I like it!

It’s only Nomads but I like it…

You may remember I reviewed a beautiful Nomads ( ) dress back in the Spring (  . Well, I was lucky enough be offered another fab dress from their summer range to review.


This stunning teal patterned halter neck dress was a joy to wear. I’m a big fan of the colour teal and I think the pink and maroon notes also in the pattern really set each other off. The maroon was a great match for my hair tone incidentally! A halter neck dress always has a vintage feel for me – redolent of those stunning 1950s halter necks teamed with up-dos and killer heels!


 As you can see it’s a lovely fit on me. I only started wearing halter neck dresses a few years ago when I discovered that, with the right bra, they can work pretty well with a fuller bust. One of my bug bears with them is that sometimes they don’t fit well around the torso, slipping down either at the front or the back and leaving the back of your bra on show. Not so with this one. I wore it all day on a shopping trip into town and kept checking myself – no bra in sight! It was a size 14 and perfect on me.


The skirt is quite full without being too heavy and the soft cotton is nice and breathable for hot summer days. The fabric had a slight ‘crinkle’ to it, making it perfect for packing in a suitcase. I think it could stand being packed, and then still look fab with nothing more than a quick shake – my kind of holiday wear!


Nomads kindly included a lovely soft white cotton shrug to complement this dress – this would be perfect to take along to a day at the beach or an evening event. This was made from organic cotton (as is a percentage of Nomads clothing) and it feels divine. It has some gentle shaping at the cuffs and would definitely keep the chill of a summer evening at bay.


Again, it was a 14 and true to size on me, sitting snugly at the front and back.


I accessorised the dress with a pair of wedges from White Stuff ( and a flower in my hair made by local hair stylist Claire Byrne ( ). Claire will get her own post soon! Her flowers are gorgeous and worked so well in this outfit.

I adore the feel and quality of Nomad’s clothing. I have worn the other dress I reviewed lots and had so many comments on it. You definitely need to go and check out there website where they currently have many items on sale. Seriously, what are you still doing here?!


It’s the first time in a while I’ve used my camera and I seemed to have forgotten everything I learnt, resulting in about 20 minutes of dark, out of focus photographs and me almost in tears with frustration. Eventually it all came flooding back and I enjoyed taking these using my beautiful spare room as a backdrop!


Temper, Temper!

It is with dreams of teal summer days I say:

It’s only vintage but I like it…

*I was given these items to review, but the views expressed, as always, are my own.*

It’s only a Print but I like it…

I’m sure I’ve mentioned before that I’m a sucker for a good fabric print. This summer I’ve found myself longing for the cute, whimsical, vintage style prints of the 1950s, but I’ve struggled to find anything that is quite what I had in mind.


Last night whilst unable to sleep (summer holidays play havoc with my sleep routine!) it suddenly occurred to me that one of my favourite brands Mantaray ( didn’t have much of an online presence. It is a subsidiary of Debenhams so it has a section on their website but it doesn’t have a Twitter or Facebook page as many other stores would. This led me to the site and I was delighted to find a host of lovely prints!


This is the kind of print I go gaga  for! It feels very homely and almost hand drawn. I love the detail in this top – especially the little hot air balloons.



I’m not a festival goer but this print would be perfect if I were. Again it’s the attention to detail – those little wellies!

image image

This lovely beach print dress was one of my purchases. The Dr and I are off to Cornwall in a week’s time and I think it’ll be perfect for wandering around little harbour towns and stopping for a cream tea.

image image

I adore this blue and yellow boat print dress, but unfortunately it was sold out in my size. It would have been equally perfect for supping cider by the harbour. *sigh*

image image

There’s a sale on at the moment, so unfortunately this beauty was sold out in my size too. Isn’t that fairground print just to die for? I’m going to have to keep an eye out on eBay for some of the ones I’ve missed. I shall pop into store tomorrow too, to see if they have the odd errant size 14 hanging around (as if!). Until then, I’ll eagerly await my beach print dress and make sure the Dr takes lots of photos when we’re out and about. Make sure you head over to Mantaray and see what you can discover!

It is with a longing for the coast I say:

It’s only vintage but I like it!

*This vintage adventure was all my own and I paid for all the items reviewed…*

It’s only Pin Up Girl Clothing but I like it…

As mentioned in an earlier post I gave my Mum a mission to bring this Pin Up Girl ( dress back from America.


I wore it to my lovely friend Chloe’s wedding. I accessorised it with this wooden Fruit Market necklace from Tatty Devine( I absolutely adore it! I think I had a fruit jigsaw when I was a little girl and it reminds me of that. My sunnies are Roxy, my specs are Retro Peepers and my lips are Besame Cherry.


I decided to bite the bullet and try some wedges with it. I’ve been meaning to try them for ages and I went for quite a high pair from White Stuff( I bought them on eBay and they arrived just in time. They were a lovely tan colour and, as it turned out, super comfy! I managed quite well in them, navigating lawns and gravel drives without toppling over!


The dress itself was fab to wear. A nice thick cotton with adjustable straps and that orange print is to die for. It is a very full ‘full circle’ skirt! There is an awful lot of material in that skirt! It was a good fit on my waist, with the the orange belt helping, but not the greatest fit on my torso. It has some boning to the bodice, which didn’t quite sit where I needed it to. My boobs didn’t seem to sit high enough in it. Maybe I need to try it with another bra.


I added an extra long petticoat from Hell Bunny. On reflection I might have been better off with an ordinary length petticoat. I’m not sure if I like the look of it sticking out from underneath. Is it meant to? Answers on a postcard please…


I didn’t manage to get many good photos as my phone is malfunctioning at the moment. The Dr took these on his phone and this is a photo of the bride and groom that I knicked from Facebook.


 It was a beautiful day and I was complimented lots of times on my dress. I had a chat with some ladies in the loo about my necklace. They were amazed I hadn’t bought the dress and necklace from the same place. I felt fab and love the swing photos! I may have made the whole outfit a bit ‘orangey’ but who cares?!

It is with a Kia-Ora reference I say:

It’s only vintage but I like it!

It’s only a Wedding but I like it…

I got an impromptu wedding invite this week. An Abu Dhabi friend is having a small do in Sussex to celebrate her nuptials and had a few drop outs so has asked if the Dr and I would like to join them. Am most delighted and of course it is the perfect excuse for a new dress!

My Mum spent a few weeks in America recently (damn these footloose and fancy free retired people!) and she messaged me while I was there to see if there was anything I wanted her to bring back. After a swift chat with the Dr we confirmed that most of their confectionary is below par and we couldn’t think of anything else we desired! Then it struck me! Pin Up Girl dresses! (

I sent my mum three links and asked her to choose a dress and get it sent to her hosts’ address. Now my Mum is pretty awesome and she somehow knew exactly which of the three dresses I really wanted and she manage to coordinate buying it and bringing it back to the UK. It’s in the post to me from Wales as we speak…


I spent ages with a tape measure, analysing their size guide, figuring out the right size so I really hope it fits. Now I just need your help accessorising it. Petticoat? Shoes? Necklace? Bag? What would you do? Oh and, how do I convince the Dr he really does want to wear and suit and smart shoes? It’s going to take all my feminine charm…

It is with a beguiling look I say:
It’s only Vintage but I like it!

It’s only Miss Vintage UK 2015 but I like it…

Just a quick reminder that you can vote for me here:

Just click the link and like my picture! Would mean so much to me as I need as many likes as possible to get to the next round!

It is with a pleading look I say:
It’s only vintage but I like it!