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It’s only a Camila Prada bunny but I like it…

Remember Camila Prada and her cute patterned ceramic creatures?


Well she’s branched out and added another retro inspired character for us to desire.

image image image

She’s shared lots of pics of the bunny making process as it progressed which has been fascinating…


Bunnies are available to preorder from Camila’s website and she’s having a giveaway! You can win three bunnies of your choice by entering her competition here:

What are you waiting for?!

It is with a fervent hope for a new bunny family I say:

It’s only vintage but I like it!


It’s only a Ginger Biscuit but I like it…

This is a rare thing – a recipe I have actually adapted to suit my tastes.  I know that’s what you’re meant to do – tinker with things, change amounts, add a bit of rosemary, but I never get round to it. If it works, it works. If it doesn’t, I’ll cook something else.


This has evolved by accident – the first time I cooked it I didn’t have any treacle so I put golden syrup in instead. It made the biscuits a bit chewier, with a crunchy outside. you can experiment with different amounts of both depending on your tastes!


This is time of year always make me crave things with ginger and cinnamon and these are yummy. I made some this week and put half in the freezer for the weekend – we’re going to a pumpkin fair and I’m cooking lunch after. I thought hot dogs followed by ginger biscuits might hit the spot!


Ginger Biscuits

340g Self Raising Flour

225g Sugar

115g Margarine

1 egg

2tbsp Golden Syrup

3 tsp Ground Ginger

1tsp Bicarbonate of Soda

Melt syrup, sugar, bicarbonate and margarine. Add egg, flour and ginger. Roll into small balls and place on a greased tray, well spaced apart. Bake at Gas 5/190C for about ten minutes. Be sure to remove from tray after just a few minutes of cooling!

I love the cracked surface of these biscuits, caused I think by the addition of Bicarbonate of soda. These are a fab Autumn bake – best enjoyed with a hot cuppa.

It is with anticipation of a pumpkin fest I say:

It’s only vintage but I like it!

It’s only Folksy but I like it…

As we approach Easter I though I’d do a quick round up of the delightful cards and gifts you can find on

As I’ve previously mentioned folksy is a website where craftspeople from the UK, can sell their wares. There’s some amazing stuff and it’s well worth supporting it!

As a Welsh girl I adore this screen printed card with daffodils on it from We Are Mountain.


This time of year always has me desiring a little silver bunny necklace – I may well have to give in and purchase this one from Jewellery FurKeeps – how cute!


i know it’s not all about food but well, it wouldn’t be Easter without a little indulgence would it? This handmade chocolate bar from Cocoa Tabby Handmade Chocolate looks flipping delish and I’m sure I could polish it off without any help from Dr P…


I have a few little people to buy for and these personalised bunnies from Cheeky Patch are very tempting. I love the choice of fabrics and contented faces.


I hope this has inspired you – remember to support small businesses and buy handmade where you can if you’re buying gifts this season.

It is with a longing for a silver bunny I say:

It’s only vintage but I like it!