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It’s only a Vintage Bathroom but I like it…

I feel I should warn you that I’m about to become a bore. I’m about to bore you with all the details of my bathroom revamp. For weeks. Possibly longer. I’ll talk tiles, I’ll talk toilets and I’ll talk toilet roll holders. Think you can cope? Read on…


Following some revelations about the state of the plumbing in our charming period house (built in 1930), the Dr and I have decided to have some work done to our bathroom. The state of the plumbing, plus that fact that I hate just about everything about our main bathroom has meant I’m pretty happy about this decision.


I’ve never had the chance to model a bathroom from scratch and the prospect of making all the decisions about it is quite exciting. Of course, I’m a fan of vintage looking bathrooms and have one or two tricks up my sleeve which our builder, Jon, has taken in his stride.


So farewell wobbly toilet, goodbye mouldy grout, so long peach tiles (seriously, peach? It’s not 1987!), bye bye futuristic taps and ta-ta mint green paint. I just hope I can do a better job…


It is with a desire for crisp white walls I say:

Its only vintage but I like it!

It’s only a pair of Ice Skates but I like it…


The Dr (my husband) very kindly agreed to take me to a car boot sale on Sunday. This is a rare occurrence and he usually accepts repayment by means of a home cooked Full English.


Anyway, the boot sale was pretty busy this cold, clear morning. I’m quite picky, and I try to only buy the bits I really feel I can’t live without and this time my main purchase was these ice skates.


The guy I bought them off had lots of vintage stuff on his stall and when I picked them up he started telling me how the blades were new. I said I wasn’t going to wear them, I was going to use them as a decoration. He went on to say there was a sad story attached to them but I managed to dodge the sad story – I wasn’t sure I wanted them tainted, but I’m now intrigued! I’m imagining a Bunty-esque story about a brilliant ice skater, involved in a tragic accident who becomes a tough, uncompromising coach.


For the princely sum of £2 I was very happy with my purchase. I thought they’d look nice displayed somewhere at Christmas.


Pinterest has lots of ideas and I’m now very excited about my Christmas decs! I’ll be on maternity leave from the middle of November, with lots of time (hopefully) to plan what I’m putting up.

It is with a festive plan I say:

It’s only vintage but I like it!

It’s only a Biscuit Tin but I like it…

As you know I’m a biscuit fan. These Mcvities biscuit tins take me right back to my childhood as I’m sure we owned a couple of them. My Mum could never resist saving the coupons and sending for various merchandise and kitchenalia over the years.


Couldn’t believe my eyes when I walked into a charity shop recently and found not only my Catherineholm pan but sitting almost directly next to it, these three beauties.


The charity shop is a fickle mistress and she has given me the cold shoulder most of this spring, but I was in luck the day I found these. Now I just need to find the Digestives tin…


It is with a new mission I say:

It’s only vintage but I like it!

It’s only a Piano but I like it…

It was a momentous day when I finally took delivery of my piano!


Admittedly, it was pretty scary to see it being expertly manoeuvred into my home by two amazing professional piano movers! They knew exactly what they were doing, and carefully cajoled it through the door and from my tiny hallway into my downstairs dining room. image

This piano is most definitely vintage. The piano tuner who attended to its insides recently showed me the maker’s number inside and said that German piano makers (Bluthner in this case) were very particular about cataloging their pianos. When I googled the number I discovered it was made somewhere around 1863. My Dad bought it in the late 1970s and it was the piano we learned to play on when we were children.


Considering it’s been around so very long, it has a few war wounds – we took it apart to clean it once when I was a teenager and found – among other things – a piece of cheese, some pins and lots of glitter. Young children love to ‘post’ things between piano keys!

It’s something I was looking forward to being reunited with and I’m lucky to have it. It has a lot of special memories, and I’m a bit rusty but I’m enjoying playing it again! My next job is searching out some music to play on it…

It is with a desire for some new sheet music I say:

It’s only vintage but I like it!

It’s only Wedgewood but I like it…

Just a quick one today! The nearer my wedding gets, the more my time is taken up making things, buying things or simply sitting and stressing about things!

This rather lovely Pathe news item came to my attention this week. I love everything about it: the direction, the soundtrack, the clothes and hairstyles. It shows such delicate work being carried out and it’s quite fascinating to watch.

It is with a beehive hairdo I say:

It’s only vintage but I like it!

It’s only Spring but I like it!

Spring is the only time of year I give myself licence to purchase flowers for no particular reason!


I reasonably surmise that, having dragged myself through the long Winter, I need some splashes of colour and signs of life to get me through to the warmer days.


I think they’re more than just flowers. They’re hope. They say that ‘Spring always follows Winter’ but it can be hard to hold on to that fact some times.


I’ve tried to be a bit more imaginative with my displays this year – having a new house and lots of nooks and crannies to place them in has been an inspiration I think!


It’s funny how things can be repurposed and begin to work rather well as vases… or at least I think they work!


Being Welsh, daffodils will always have a special place in my heart. We had them growing in our garden when I was little and I loved how they reappeared each Spring, almost by magic without waiting for an invitation. Those golden trumpets and their dry, spicy smell herald the bright sun making it’s way back into our lives and a return to a more pleasant climate, at least I hope so…


It is with a hopeful look forward I say:

It’s only Vintage but I like it!

It’s only Mouse to Minx but I like it…

You may remember the awesome apron by MiL-to-be got me for Christmas.



Well I did a little digging and discovered it came from a gorgeous little company called Mouse to Minx. I got in contact, waxing lyrical about my apron, and was lucky enough to be offered some items to review!

Mouse to Minx are the first, and currently the only, designers to be given a licence by DC Thompson to print designs inspired by the comic illustrations. Currently you can purchase a lovely range including mugs, chopping boards, aprons, oven gloves and scarves. There are more products being developed right now and I know Mouse and Minx are taking orders on their Etsy site ( and are happy to be contacted for wholesale orders too.


I think they’d make the perfect Easter gift – my Mum was certainly a big fan of Bunty, Judy, Mandy and the various girls magazines of the day and these gifts really bring back the innocent fun of yesteryear.


This chopping board and mug were perfect for an afternoon snack. I love the print and colours – the kitchen themed comic chosen makes it a great choice for homeware.


Youll find several other ranges on Mouse to Minx’s site as well as giclee prints and some lovely scarves. Remember Bunty’s famous cut-out wardrobe? Well, you can relive all those fab outfits with this scarf…


It is with a longing for as many outfits as Bunty that I say:

It’s only vintage but I like it!

*I was given some of these items to review, but the views, as always, are my own.*

It’s only a Walker’s Deli crisps promotion but I like it…

I love promotions, I love offers, I love collecting tokens and I love special edition packaging. You may remember my excitement at Orla Kiely’s collaboration with Douwe Egberts a whole back (

I recently got wind of another collaboration that is very exciting. Walker’s have been the nation’s favourite crisps for many a year and they recently brought out a new range – Walker’s Market Deli crisps.



Furher to this, at the moment, if you can find promotional packs you can save tokens to buy serving and dip bowls from Emma Bridgewater.



Rather attractive, I think you’ll agree, and they also work out quite reasonable – much as I love Emma’s wares, they do come in on the pricey end of the market.

I sent the Dr out on a mission this morning and he returned with 12 bags of crisps! Now we just need to eat them so we can send the tokens off!


It is with concerns for an ill-fitting wedding dress I say:

It’s only vintage but I like it!

It’s only Saladware but I like it…

image image

Once again I think this one links back to my Gran. She had one of these salad dishes on the side although I don’t remember anything ever being served in it. I don’t know what manufacturer made it  – my research suggests Beswick, Carltonware and Arthur Woods, to name a few, all made dishes like this.imageimage

I was fascinated but it’s shape, the detail to the veined leaves and the contrast of the smooth, shiny red tomatoes! image

The colours were vibrant and I liked the fact the bowl looked like the meal it was meant to serve. Cheesy but true.imageI picked my bowl up in a charity shop this week for £3.99. I’d seen quite a few before but they’d been the wrong size or shape, or, more often, they’d been in quite battered condition. Although this one has a lot of crazing, it is chip free. One website I visited led me to believe it was made between 1934 and 1944, so it’s looking good considering its age!

I think I might serve something old fashioned and unwieldy in it. The kind of thing your nan would put out for high tea on a Sunday – a dish of beetroot and egg drizzled with salad cream? On a bed of lettuce. That’ll do it!

It is with a knowing wink I say:

It’s only vintage but I like it!

It’s only Meakin but I like it…

Meakin Carousel


Seriously, how can you not love this bustling carousel with its jolly painted horses and flailing arms? This pattern is called Carousel and it’s a china design by Alfred Meakin.

Meakin clovelly


Meakin are one of the Stoke in Trent pottery companies formed in the late 1800s. They produced lots of cheap ironstone pottery throughout the 19th century.

Meakin Down by the Seine

Down by the Seine

Alfred Meakin operated from a factory in Tunstall. His brothers James and George had a factory nearby and operated under the name J and G Meakin.

Meakin Montmartre


The appeal of the China lay in it’s hard wearing nature and it’s fashionable designs.

Meakin Oklahoma


Many of Meakin’s lines were exported to America, and were very popular there.

Meakin Siesta Mexican

Mexican Siesta

There are several decades of Meakin out there and I was lucky enough to pick some up for a matter of pence at a car boot sale a few years ago. I have also come across it being sold at scandalously high prices in charity and antique shops. It’s rather charming and one of many things I could get addicted to.

Meakin Tunstall Jivers

Tunstall Jivers

I’m keeping an eye out for any on my travels and hope to add some to my collection – for the right price you understand!

It is with a an eagle eye I say:

It’s only vintage but I like it…