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It’s only Mary Berry Homeware but I like it…


 You our may remember these lovely egg cups and spoons I received for Christmas. They’re part of Mary Berry’s homeware range. I did a bit of digging and found out what else Mary has to offer…


You can buy Mary’s products from Sainsburys, John Lewis and Boots.


It’s very classy looking, nice and fresh with shades of blue, grey and white. I like the little duck motif. There are lots of pieces I’d love – the cake plate and jug are particularly pretty! I think they’d blend in very well with my vintage china. Mary has done us proud, I think you’ll agree?


Each store stocks a slightly different range of products and, if you can find them, some are on sale now! See if you can bag a bargain!

It is with a bit of a crush I say:

It’s only vintage but I like it!

It’s only a Christmas Tree but I like it…

blue bauble

Whilst I can appreciate the beautifully colour coordinated trees that you often see at this time of year, for me the only acceptable tree is a multicoloured, tinsel-bedecked 70s style tree. I have all kinds of baubles, old ones of my Gran’s, vintage style ones I’ve found in charity shops and ones I’ve collected or received over the years, many with stories attached. I’m not willing to forgo a single one and so they all need to live in harmony together.


I know tinsel has a bad reputation but I think It adds some reflective glamour. As long as it’s silver. I’m not really partial to any other colours. This stuff came from Poundland and does very nicely…

Gold bauble

The one thing I am missing is a Tree topper. I think I might have a look around in the January sales and see what I can find. I looked on eBay but only found scary 70s dolly angels which scared me a bit!


So this is my tree. My very first tree in my new house. The first one where I get to choose where it goes and whether it’s real or not (it’s a real one!)

TREEIt is with a twinkling fir in my peripheral vision I say:

It’s only vintage but I like it…


It’s only a Vintage Bauble but I like it…


I have a dream of a vintage Christmas and the long term goal of decorating my tree with only vintage baubles. I got a step closer when I discovered these beauties in a charity shop in Wales. I’ve been watching lots of these on eBay and they go for crazy money – what a find!

All I need now is perfect festive weather…

It is with a wish for a white Christmas I say:

It’s only vintage but I like it!


It’s only Ercol but I like it…


We had a chair a little like this in my kitchen when I was growing up. It was just a chair to me at the time, but I always liked its smooth lines and flowing shape. It was comfy and an unusual design with a sprung base and thick cushions on top.


It’s only now I realise how terrible it was that, as teenagers, my brother and I cut the arms off the chair because they made it hard to play the guitar when sitting in it. It was a genuine Ercol chair and they now sell for lots of money on eBay. Plus of course it’s a design classic. I now appreciate that and do feel bad about the untimely amputation of both of it’s arms. I can only apologise…


Lucian Ercolani moved to the UK from Italy in 1898 and began a City and Guilds course to become a furniture designer shortly after. The next 20 years saw him work with many legendary names in furniture (Parker Knoll and G-Plan to name but a few) and it was not long before he established his own company which went from strength to strength. Following the second world war Ercol produced a range of utility furniture, again showing their ability to adapt to the times and meet people’s needs for good quality affordable furniture.


One of of my favourite pieces is the Studio Couch, first introduced in 1956. Made from solid beech and elm it was designed to be a comfortable sofa and double as a guest bed. To me it has a very timeless look and I can see it being easy to incorporate into many themes and colour schemes.


I’ve watched many Ercol sofas on eBay but always been outbid at the last minute, so imagine my delight when a fully refurbished and reupholstered Couch showed up in my very own city! I chatted it over with the Doctor, read the listing thoroughly, discussed a delivery price with the seller, put in an offer £50 short of the asking price – and it was accepted!


I’m not entirely sure where it will go, or what I’ll do with it but it took me ages to get to sleep last night because I was so excited about it! I do have a little vision of how it’ll work but I’m not sharing that just now! It has also got me back into wanting to decorate the rest of the house. I got a bit fed up of decorating because I did so much the first few weeks after we moved in. But now I’m raring to go again…

If you want to bag your own Ercol Couch I suggest you try eBay, like me, or look at their rereleased items available from John Lewis and Furniture Village.


Anyway I’m feeling smug and, in anticipation of the delivery of my sofa on Wednesday, I’m off to look at cushions!

It is with one ear listening out for the doorbell I say:

It’s only Vintage but I like it…

It’s only Beryl but I like it…

Here it is. In all it’s scrubbed and polished beauty…Bery rack

I love each variation in colour and depth of glaze.

Beryl rack 2

I can’t believe the quality of this stuff – seriously some of it has been around now for at least 75 years and it still sparkles with a good polish.

Beryl rack 5

I was so lucky to get all 25 pieces here for just ten pounds – god bless charity shops and the nice lady who put it to one side for me so I could go back and get it in my lunch hour on Monday

Beryl table 2

On a charity shop mooch in Wales on Saturday I also came across a large Beryl serving plate! It was marked 2.99 but at the till the assistant noticed it was on a ‘50% off’ shelf so I only paid 1.50!Beryl table

Again the condition is just great – one plate was cracked, but everything else is chip-free!

Crockery cupboard 2

Crockery cupboard

Beryl has gone to live in my crockery cupboard. It’s rather perfect and think she’ll be happy there. I intend to get lots of use out these, in fact I could fancy a cuppa right now… Who’s for tea?

Crockery cupboard 3

It is with a right thirst on I say:

It’s only vintage but I like it!

It’s only Beryl but I like it…

I’m in Wales for a couple of days to see my Mum but I had to post and show you this…




I ducked into a charity shop on my way to the train and look what I found!

25 pieces of Bery for £10!

I persuaded the lady to keep it for me until I can go back on Monday. Spent my train journey smiling!

Have a good weekend!

It is with a shocked smile I say:

It’s only vintage but I like it!

It’s only Hannah Turner Ceramics but I like it…

I’ve mentioned Hannah Turner ( a few times already and I know I’ve pictured some of her pieces on here but I thought it was time to sing her praises and give her a whole post to herself!

Hannah T

I think I discovered Hannah on Instagram and the minute I saw her Birdy inspired range of ceramics I was smitten. I have a distinct memory of being in bed on a chilly night last autumn and springing out to find my credit card, knowing I just had to make a purchase then and there.

Hannah Birdy

Hannah has several ranges of ceramics and they all seem very 1950s inspired to me. I love genuine vintage china, but I also love mixing it up with modern pieces if they really take my fancy and these have done just that!

Hannah s and p

Hannah’s ceramics are whimsical and fun and you can definitely see the 1950s cartoons influence that she cites.

Hannah toadstools

Hannah works from her home in Bristol and her range includes tableware, money boxes, screen prints and lots more. She often has some seconds on her website too! Definitely worth checking out.


I love my Owls and use them all the time. I’m now hankering after some toadstool themed crockery to continue my Hannah collection. Perhaps they’ll go on my letter to Santa this year!

It is with a pen and paper in hand I say:

It’s only vintage but I like it!

It’s only a Print but I like it…

I’ve been busy this summer. Lots of jobs to do in my new house. I was particularly keen to make my living room work. It just wasn’t quite right and despite it being the room I felt I had the most vision for it was the one I was least happy with and the one I enjoyed being in the least!

Beech Living Room

As you can see from this image from the estate agent’s website, the focal point of the room is a gorgeous original 1930s fireplace with teal tiles. It’s the first thing I saw when we viewed the house and I fell in love with it from that moment.

The room was a drab pale blue and pale grey and I – predictably – painted over that with a few coats of brilliant white. Big shout out to my Mum and Bill who helped me paint the walls and even did the ceiling, picture rails and fireplace too. We did the whole (very high ceilinged) room in 48 hours with a few breaks for cups of tea, dinner and, on the last night, a swift pint of ale.


I think you’ll agree it looks very fresh and clean and I finally got round to having a special print framed. My friend Lou ( created a personalised giclee print of one of her paintings (Turquoise mackerel with a Skinny Moon) for me a few years ago. She added extra glitter to the mackerel, and extra silver leaf to the moon for me! It has been in storage but I finally took it into town and got Paul and his team at Art Effects ( to frame it for me.


I love the green and blue in the print and so I ran around the house and gathered up all the green and blue glass I could find to make those colours pop! I think the plain white background is a brilliant neutral canvas and I’m so happy with the overall look.

I still need to do a big reveal of the whole room, but I’m waiting on some news before I can share that with you. I’m really pleased with this room and I’ve spent so much more time in it lately. I also have a new mission – blue and green glass! That will be my search for the Autumn I think, I’ll see how much I can find in chart shops and at Boot Sales!

It is with a new obsession I say:

It’s only vintage but I like it!

It’s only a jug but I like it…

I decided it was time the humble jug had a post devoted entirely to itself. Possibly because it’s one item of crockery I find it really hard to walk past.

pink jug

I did manage to part with this charity shop find and gave it to my Mum, but it stills hurts…

I think their appeal lies in the fact that they have so many shapes and sizes, patterns and purposes. I try to limit myself to ones that I know I will use.

bisto bisto2

This one has quite an obvious purpose. I love my Bisto jug, it was a Car Boot find and although it’s repro rather then retro, it’s got so much character.

lemons2 lemons

This one has mostly been a vase so far. Mum bought it for me after a particularly stressful time in life.


This jug matches my teapot and it’s handmade by Hannah Turner( I discovered her on Instagram ( ) and made an order that day. Her ceramics have a great vintage feel and they’re robust enough to use everyday.

sm beryl 2 sm berylAgain this one is part of a set. It’s no secret to regular readers that I love my 1940s Beryl china. It’s teeny but perfect for a milk jug when I make tea for visitors.

pink spotsI still haven’t found a purpose for this one… It was gift and it came from a department store.  It was a plant pot for a while, with a nice orchid in it. Perhaps it needs a new purpose. Any ideas?

It is with relief that I didn’t make any double entendres I say:

It’s only vintage but I like it!

It’s only a Car Boot Sale but I like it…

Sometimes you have an experience which makes getting out of bed at 6:45am on a Sunday worthwhile. This Sunday was definitely one of those. It certainly made up for the previous Sunday when we ran round about 6 car boots in the rain and paused only to buy one drinking glass.


This week there was lots of vintage china and I even scored this Beryl jug for 50p. It’s got a teeny chip on the rim, but otherwise it’s lovely. The little green polka dot plate is so cute – very 50s. The square plate was bought off a very sweet lady who was selling lots of her Mum’s china. I couldn’t resist it.

CB2These two vintage Mason Cash pudding basins are small in stature and will be perfect for a little sponge pudding for the Dr and I. The enamel mug is another find that I don’t know what I’ll do with, but I simply can’t leave a bit of enamelware behind.


Got a big wadge of Sheet music for £2.50 as well – this isn’t going on the wall, I’m going to play it as soon as I get my piano down here.


I think this was my best find of the day – it’s going to be an evacuee suitcase for my classroom during my WW2 topic and I might use the hat as a prop too. The case was £1 and the hat 50p. Can you believe that?? Car Boot prices are beginning to spoil me. Charity Shops now seem positively expensive! The Dr couldn’t believe me getting that Beryl jug for 50p – he spent an undisclosed (but I suspect very large) amount on a Beryl teapot, cup and saucer and little jug last Christmas. Today’s haul cost me a mere £7.

Now I just need to decide as to when I can persuade the Dr to take me to another one! He is usually pacified if I make him a Full English when we get home…

It is with an already warming frying pan I say:

It’s only vintage but I like it!