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It’s only Tala but I like it…

I have been short changing you, readers. I promised to give you the details of my vintage home and wardrobe and so far I’ve only provided 50% of that.

This is partly due to the fact that my current home is in the middle of the desert in Abu Dhabi and it’s a modern one bedroom flat. It doesn’t cry vintage. Also, given that I was pretty sure I’d only be here a short while, and the main reason for being here was to save money, I have not invested a huge amount in home furnishings. Just enough to make it feel homely – and most of that is from Ikea because home stores are not many and varied in the Middle East.

Still, I did once have a British home and I did grow up in the UK, so I am going to share with you one of my favourite kitchenware brands.

My Mum tells a story about being with my paternal grandmother one afternoon when I was baby. Mum was thinking out loud that she couldn’t decide what to give me for my tea and my Nan suggested jelly and disappeared off to the kitchen returning with these jelly moulds.

tala jelly moulds

I own these now. Mum has passed them on to me, still in their original packaging and there is something so special about them. I like that story. I like the fact they’ve been handed down through the generations. I like the fact that Tala has been producing kitchen staples since 1899. I have picked up various bits of vintage Tala from Car boot sales and the like, but I also love the retro items they have bought out in the last few years. A few lovely things have made their way into my Christmas stocking courtesy of my Mum. I love the idea that one day I might pass them on to my daughter or granddaughter.

I’m moving in with DrP when I move back to the UK in July and in an attempt to improve his woefully resourced kitchen I treated myself to a few online purchases recently. I’d always wanted one of these and now I have one!

tala measure

It is with a nostalgic look I say:


It’s only vintage but I like it…


Oh, and: That cute Collectif dress? Here’s a video of me singing whilst wearing it. It looks stunning. I won’t tell you the sad of story how I ruined it in the washing machine after just 2 wears 🙁


Its only Hair but I like it (revisited!)…

So it came out a little darker than I expected but I think it’s ok…


Sorry for the blurry selfie! I live on my own (for now) so no-one available to take my pic for me!

So the next step is experimenting with things to do with it while I wait for it to be the length I want. I tried some clips and an Alice band but I’m not happy with either result. Any ideas?!ImageImage

It is with a slightly confused face I say:

It’s only vintage but I like it…


It’s only hair but I like it…

So to the thorny issue of hair.

I chopped all my hair off aged 21. It was part of something bigger. It was a statement, but it suited me and I was happy with not having to fuss with it too much. I’ve been very happy until recently. For a while I’d started to feel like it just wasn’t quite ‘working’ for me anymore. I’d loved it but I wanted to do other things. I wanted hair again. Big Hair. Victory rolls, curls, swingy bits.

So I’ve gone, ever so slowly, from this:

Short hair

To this (make up and hairstyle for a show I was in – don’t usually wear that much blusher!:

pink mohawk

To this (apologies):


And today, for the first time in ages, I’m actually dying it. I’m proud of my hair. I like the way it feels. It’s gone through many annoying, kinky, wavy stages, but it’s finally getting to the point where I can do things with it. Only, as I was gathering it and twisting it in the mirror the other day, I noticed how grey it was around my temples. Hmmm. Darn.

So here’s a before shot:


And I’ll be back with an after…Unless it’s a disaster!

In the meantime, can you start giving me some suitably vintage hairstyle to practise with my length of hair?

It is with soggy shoulders I say:

It’s only vintage but I like it…

It’s only a dress but I like it…

So it all started for me with a dress.

I didn’t wear dresses for many a year. I was quite fat. Then I was sad and I got really fat. Then I was single and started eating less and moving more and I was less fat. And I learned to be proud of my curves and I learned that attraction is a strange thing and that I wasn’t as unattractive as I’d thought. In fact, this dating lark proved to be quite good fun and quite a boost to my ego.

So back to dresses.

My first dress was from Fat Face and it was a skater dress. One day I happened upon some snow unexpectedly and this happened:


It’s not vintage I know but it’s a stepping stone. I loved it. I still love it. I still have it.

Now I am one of those cautious types (in some situations at least) and when I have a new phase or obsession I wait to see if it takes root before investing lots of money in it. That said, my first fit-and-flare style dress was this yellow bad boy and it was about 15 pounds from Matalan.


I accessorised it with a coral scarf with a banana print. Love that scarf.

Since then my favourites have been these:


Red spots from M&Co. Took a lot of guts to put this one on. It’s very snug around my waist and bust…


This one was a cheapy one from eBay, it’s not vintage but the styling is –  obviously.

The dresses are thing that really caught my imagination. I love the way they feel. I love the way they look. I love the comments I get. I love that fact no one else will be wearing them. Recently, I have taken my first dip into genuine vintage. It’s turquoise, it has roses on it and I think I’m in love. I bought it on ebay and it’s waiting for me back in the UK and I think about our first meeting everyday.

It is with a wistful heart I say:

It’s only vintage but I like it…