One of my favourite parts of Christmas is opening my Christmas Stocking. My Mum does a mean stocking – a traditional one with sweets and little bits and pieces and a tangerine – not one of these pillowcases crammed with full size presents that seems to be the definition of stocking these days.

As soon as we were old enough my Sister and I took up the gauntlet of making Mum’s stocking and it’s a tradition we still carry on today. When I turned 21 my Mum phoned me to ask if I still wanted one and I was horrified at the idea of not getting a stocking! Yes, I still want Mum’s stocking!

Snoopy Christmas Stocking circa 1984

My stocking always goes in to this Snoopy sock – it was a gift from my Gran when I was little and my brother has one too. It’s not very big but I think I did go through a bit of a Snoopy phase at about age 4 and it always makes me think of Gran at Christmas ensuring it will have many more uses over the years. I think the choice of stocking is very important!

M&S Snowman Stocking with toy 

I heartily recommend the traditional stocking is part of your Christmas if it’s not already. There’s something magical as a child about waking up with that weight on the end of your bed and knowing that Santa has been. Holding the lumpy warmth of the stocking against you as you pull surprises from it’s depths. I love this Snowman stocking from John Lewis, and It would definitely be my choice for any little ones you are buying for…

John Lewis Pom Pom

 The actual stocking itself is very important. I love this Pom Pom Stocking from John Lewis – very fun and could be good if the stocking was for a teenager or someone with a flair for colour in their dress sense.

Marcellabella at Folksy

I love the fabric on this stocking from Marcellabella ( ) and it ticks my handmade box too. Go and check out her page for a whole range of lovely stockings!

But of course, remember you have to be good or you’ll find noting but a lump of coal in that stocking – a fact my Granddad never tired of telling me. I don’t know why… I’m always good!

I’m thinking of doing a post about what to put in stockings so pop back and look for that – I consider myself quite good at choosing items for a truly great Christmas stocking!

It is with fond memories of Christmas past I say:

It’s only Vintage but I like it!

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