I’m doing this post a day early because I want to share something with you before it’s too late. I had a call from my Mum a few weeks back. On answering she merely yelled “Put BBC 2 on!” And hung up.

This is something we do in my family. It is perfectly normal to bring a TV or radio programme to someone’s attention by yelling “Put ITV on, now. NOW!” down the phone in the manner of the navy clearing an area due to a nuclear waste leak. As kids, if someone’s favourite song was on the radio we’d run at said person, brandishing the radio like a weapon.

Anyway, this odd but endearing trait paid off this time as, when I figured out what was on BBC 2 at that time, I was actually quite intrigued.

Let me introduce you to ‘Back in Time for Dinner’:


The premise is that the Robshaw family have their homes, clothes and diets transformed into those of a different decade. They begin in the 1950s and it is actually quite a shock to see their very basic kitchen – no fridge, washing machine, even toaster. We watch them munch on  basic and bland post war rationing meals. The rather rough whole meal ‘national loaf’ being the apotheosis of the grimness.


After 10 days the family enter a new decade and the transformation from the 50s to the 60s was quite a shock. The Robshaws take each new indignity with good humour and, to soften each blow, they do get a few encounters with celebs. Mary Berry sells them their first gas oven (is there no end to her talents?) and one of the Hairy Bikers helps Mrs Robshaw to make some really rank-looking gelatine dishes.


They are good sports this family – even the children show willing and there are some fun moments – especially when things go wrong. Spotting the fashions is fun, I love it each time they make changes to the house decor and even some of the foods and recipes are interesting.


Grab your shopping basket and head over to iPlayer. You won’t be disappointed…

It is with a desire for a pea and gelatine side dish I say:

It’s only vintage but I like it!

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  1. I’m sure you would! The Mum is actually a pretty bad cook, but obviously in 1940s she has to do it all. We were shouting at the screen! Watch it!

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