As the nights begin to draw in and it feels like Autumn is definitely creeping up on us, my mind always turns to what I am going to use to keep the chill out in the coming months. Although it is actually my favourite season I am definitely not a fan of the temperature drop that it brings! I grew up in a draughty stone farmhouse on a hilltop in Wales and suffered enough cold in my childhood to last me the rest of my days. I stubbornly refuse to be cold any more than I have to be!

I love choosing my Winter coat and I am seldom seen without a scarf in Winter months too. Luckily my school is in a very new and heat-effective building and, once I’d sorted out the cleaner who opened all my classroom windows at 6am, maintains a nice temperature throughout the day. I do walk to and from work though so I need something substantial to keep me snug on my 15 minute scurry through the frosty air.

I’d like something with a vintage feel, even if it is not actually vintage. Here is my round up so far:

Caterina Monsoon

This Caterina cape coat from Monsoon (,mon_1.5/8481430153) is quite 1940s and reminded me of Call the Midwife! What do you think?

Tilda Monsoon

I love this 1960s style coat also from Monsoon called Tilda. Just look at the detailing, that print and those vintage look buttons – it’s a dream!

Screen Shot 2015-09-20 at 14.12.21

I’ve long been a fan of Scottish clothing company Ness and a few of their beautiful coats have accompanied me through Winters of yore, this year I’d have to choose their Trinity Classic coat ( That thick check looks so warm and I’ve always had a penchant for those toggle buttons! This one’s a definite winner for me…

Harris Tweed Blazer

If you wanted something a little lighter until the chill really sets in, why not go for this Harris Tweed blazer from Next. It ticks two boxes for me – I’d have something made from Harris Tweed which I fell in love with when we visited Edinburgh earlier this year, and a blazer which I always think looks great with jeans for a really preppy look.

Screen Shot 2015-09-20 at 14.25.00

This Mossy Thatch velvet coat is from White Stuff ( and I just love the jewel tones. I’m not adverse to brightly coloured coats – in fact I think I probably take more risks in my coat colours than anything else! My last two coats were vibrant shades of teal and raspberry. I love thick wintery fabrics like this velvet too.

So all I need to do now is pick one and snuggle into it anticipating frosty sojourns to work. You know what – I’m secretly looking forward to it!

It is with a longing for a frost I say:

It’s only vintage but I like it!

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