I have coveted these shoes since I was 13. A girl called Zoe on my school bus had a pair. I don’t know whether she paid for them or her parents did but there was no way my parents were paying for my longed for pair. Rightly so, as they cost close to three figures today, as do much of the Dr Marten range.


Dr Marten was a doctor in the German army during World War 2. He had a skiing accident whilst on leave and made some amendments to his boots to make them more comfortable to wear. His interest piqued, after the war he and friend began making shoes, and the rest as they say, is history.


Growing up in the grungy 90s all the cool kids at school had some kind of DM footwear – the trendy girls had the DM shoes in black or brown with yellow stitching and the edgy Manic Street Preacher fans wore the 14 hole boots.

 Cherry Red

I had a pair of cherry red boots that took me through my Uni days but I have desired a few different styles over the years.

I walk to work and back and am fed up of wearing my way through several pairs of ballet pumps a term. With this in mind I decided I might be an excuse to channel some mid-90s chic and I bought a pair of burgundy DM shoes.

DM1 DM2They were surprisingly easy to break in and, whilst they may not be the smartest footwear I’ve ever owned, they’re comfy, will last ages and scratch a long held itch!

It is with a contented smile I say:

It’s only vintage but I like it…


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