I got an impromptu wedding invite this week. An Abu Dhabi friend is having a small do in Sussex to celebrate her nuptials and had a few drop outs so has asked if the Dr and I would like to join them. Am most delighted and of course it is the perfect excuse for a new dress!

My Mum spent a few weeks in America recently (damn these footloose and fancy free retired people!) and she messaged me while I was there to see if there was anything I wanted her to bring back. After a swift chat with the Dr we confirmed that most of their confectionary is below par and we couldn’t think of anything else we desired! Then it struck me! Pin Up Girl dresses! (http://www.pinupgirlclothing.com)

I sent my mum three links and asked her to choose a dress and get it sent to her hosts’ address. Now my Mum is pretty awesome and she somehow knew exactly which of the three dresses I really wanted and she manage to coordinate buying it and bringing it back to the UK. It’s in the post to me from Wales as we speak…


I spent ages with a tape measure, analysing their size guide, figuring out the right size so I really hope it fits. Now I just need your help accessorising it. Petticoat? Shoes? Necklace? Bag? What would you do? Oh and, how do I convince the Dr he really does want to wear and suit and smart shoes? It’s going to take all my feminine charm…

It is with a beguiling look I say:
It’s only Vintage but I like it!

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