I was only telling DrP the other day that I wasn’t going to buy a ‘Christmas Dress’. I said I didn’t need one and I hadn’t seen anything I fancied. Someone must have been listening up there because just a few days later I was having a little browse on the Lindy Bop website and this jumped out at me ( www.lindybop.co.uk/dresses-c1/swing-jive-dresses-c3/gilda-green-alpine-print-swing-dress-p2436 ):


Is that not the most perfect Christmas dress you have ever seen? This lady is called Gilda (presumably after the vixen played by Rita Hayworth I’m the film of the same name).


I adore that print – I’m a sucker for a great print, as you know, and the shape and colours are so perfect. It’s like wearing a watercolour!

I think I’d team it up with a nice cardi and some heels. It will be the perfect accessory to my Christmas. I have to say I am a big Lindy Bop fan – their range of affordable dresses are very well made and very wearable… All I need now is some festive weather to go with that lovely alpine scene.

It is with a dream of a white Christmas I say:

It’s only vintage but I like it!

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