So Stir up Sunday is here and I’m about to start making my pudding using my sixpence from the Royal Mint. It does feel lovely to be upholding traditions that my grandparents and their parents would have taken part in. It arrived on Friday and it’s lovely – a little silver coin that can be added to my pud (after baking is safer).


It came with a recipe for a traditional pud, but I think I’ll use a different one. Most of my family aren’t too keen on the traditional pud and the last few years we’ve baked this Chocolate Orange pudding recipe that we found online


I’m about to start baking and must say I’m looking forward to tasting it. It is not quite as dark and heavy as your average Christmas pud and a little sweeter with the chocolate and orange notes coming through. It’s a good choice for a family Christmas – more likely to be finished by the little ones!

I shall share pics when it’s done!

It is with an aroma of oranges I say:

It’s only vintage but I like it!

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