As you know, I am very passionate about supporting local independent businesses. So when I couldn’t find the Charbonel and Walker champagne truffles I blogged about recently, I started to look closer to home for an alternative.

I didn’t need to look much further than over the corridor,  as it happens, because one of my work colleagues, Vicki’s partner is a chocolatier! I loved that fact as soon as she told me – I bet he dropped that into conversation early on when they met!

Trevor runs Beaulieu Chocolate Studio ( and I first tasted his chocolate at Christmas when the Headteacher at the school Vicki and I work at bought us all a Chocolate Santa from Trevor’s shop.


I ordered some champagne truffles and a salted caramel heart. The truffles were consumed on Valentine’s Day and we enjoyed them alongside a nice bottle of Bollinger champagne I had treated us to. Perhaps unsurprisingly, they went together very nicely! The centre was a strong, boozy dark chocolate truffle encased in a white chocolate shell. They had a nice kick of alcohol without being overpowering and certainly had the taste of a good quality luxury chocolate about them.

Salted caramel is one of my favourite taste discoveries in recent years and I love this milk chocolate heart with its sweet and salty flakes. Just perfect. I may have eaten it all already! It’s a good portion too – a nice thick chunky heart shape perfect for sharing (although most of it has been consumed in little chunks when the Dr wasn’t looking with me trying in vain not to rustle the bag and arouse suspicion…)


I like the simple packaging, jazzed up with a heart ribbon for Valentine’s Day – simple but effective.

All up I think the Dr and I will definitely be making a purchase again, although maybe just for a special occasions – my waistline can’t cope with this being too regular a treat!

It is with a rustle of cellophane I say:

It’s only vintage but I like it!

*I paid for the products involved in my vintage adventure and the opinions are all my own!*

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