I do love the story of Bird’s Custard. Did you know that Alfred Bird invented Bird’s custard powder in 1837 because his wife was allergic to eggs? His egg free custard powder became so popular that he opened a factory in Birmingham where they produced the custard powder and the newly invented baking powder too.


Bird’s company were one of the first to use promotional items and brightly coloured advertising campaigns, making their brand very recognisable. We always had one of the blue, red and yellow tins with the three birds motif languishing in the back of a kitchen cupboard. It was most often pulled out the gloom and the lid prised off at Christmas or Easter to add a custard layer to the trifle we always made.



I keep a tin in my cupboard too. I’m a fan of custard with my crumble, with a chopped banana or even a slice or two of Swiss roll. It’s very comforting and even though buying fresh custard is now very easy, there are still times when the taste  and consistency of Bird’s is what I want.



I love old fashioned promotional products. Whether original or reproduction I find them very appealing. My kitchen utensils sit in a Colman’s Mustard pot (no idea how old – a car boot sale find) and somewhere in storage there’s a Bisto gravy jug which is rather lovely.



I discovered this range of retro Bird’s kitchenalia in a museum gift shop during a recent visit with my class. I managed to walk away without a purchase but I’ve since looked them up on www.amazon.co.uk and once I’ve moved I definitely think I may invest.

Aren’t they great? What promotional beauties are in your cupboards?


It is with a desire for red, blue and yellow I say:

It’s only vintage but I like it!


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