Autumn is definitely here and it is still my favourite season. I love the cold crisp weather, the warm cosy clothes and I think possibly most of all I love the food.

I like making hot desserts and baking potatoes until they’re soft and fluffy inside, warm steaming casseroles with piles of mash and I like coming in cold from a walk or a shopping expedition to a hot snack for lunch.

One of my favourites is one of the national dishes of Wales: Welsh Rarebit. I’ve always been a bit embarrassed that our national dish is essentially cheese on toast, but over the years I’ve come to love it and find it a very comforting taste.


There are various ways of making it and various ingredients that can be added or omitted depending on your tastes. I personally am not a fan of adding ale to it and I stick to four essential ingredients:

a nice strong, tasty cheddar

some coarse grain mustard

a finely chopped onion

an uncut loaf of granary bread

Grate yourself a good portion of cheese, add a teaspoon or too of coarse grain mustard and as much finely chopped onion as you can bear. Mix this altogether in a bowl and spread liberally over a thick wedge of bread that has been toasted on one side. Let it toast slowly under a medium grill until it is golden and bubbling.

I like it with a big hot mug of tea, but again, whatever works for you is good. Sometimes, the old classic snacks are the best. This will warm you from the inside out on a cold day and be a virtual Welsh hug – the best kind!

It is with a desire for a cwtch I say:

It’s only vintage but I like it!

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