Christmas is all about pushing the boat out, right? Going that extra mile? Finding a few special things to add to the ordinary fare. I was researching recipes before the event and I found Nigella’s Christmas Rocky Road ( ) recipe. It looked rather good, containing crushed amaretti biscuits, Brazil nuts and whole cherries.

First I crushed the amaretti until some was sandy and some chunky. Then I roughly chopped the Brazil nuts too.
image In a basin over hot water I’d melted butter and milk and dark chocolate.image i added this to my biscuit And Brazil nut foundation and stirred it all to mix.imageAdd some mini marshmallows and whole glacé cherries and this calorific dream is almost a reality…imagePress it into trays and allow to set in the fridge – it does make quite a quantity so make sure you give some out to your guests as they leave!imageI served it as Nigella suggested doused in icing sugar and edible glitter, and populated with little reindeer! My Gran’s cake plate got another outing too!

It it was rather delicious, the almond of the biscuits being a good antidote to the sweetness of the marshmallows. I’m not usually a fan of glacé cherries but they were actually very good in this recipe. It was a hit and I think I’ll add it to my festive repertoire, although I may halve the recipe as I fear it has accounted for several pounds I may have gained in the last two weeks!

It is with a sideways glance at the bathroom scales I say:

It’s only vintage but I like it!

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