I’ve been meaning to post about this for ages… I’m sure I’ve mentioned these lovelies before as I’ve picked up a few in the last 6 months in charity shops and at Car Boot Sales.



My Gran had a blue bubble bud vase on her windowsill. I used to marvel at the tiny bubbles in the base. How did they get there? How did they join the bubbly base and the clear stem?  I loved staring through the coloured glass. I still do and as soon as I saw one of these on a car boot sale last autumn I knew I wanted to start my own collection.



I haven’t been able to find much about these vases online. I think they were popular but inexpensive items in the 1960s. Presumably from more than one manufacturer as they differ in manufacturing methods and in the size and shape of the base and the cone at the top.

My collection is small but perfectly formed and today I found two more to add to it. They were hiding at the bottom of a box. I feel a little uncomfortable rooting around in boxes, but this guy does house clearances and he had lots of boxes of mixed china and glass. I exercised great self control and didn’t bring home a gorgeous teapot, but these two had to come home with me.


i find it satisfying to have a collection on the go – my Mum and several friends are keeping an eye out for me! I can’t decide when we move whether I’ll put them all together somewhere or find places where they work in twos and threes.


For now, I shall just revert to childhood and spend ages looking through their sparkly bases at the sun – well, if we had any sun I would!

It it is with a bout of Bank Holiday grumpiness I say:

It’s only vintage but I like it!

4 comments on “It’s only a Bubble Bud Vase but I like it…”

    • Aren’t they? My favourites are the blue/turquoise coloured ones. Can’t wait to have a whole shelf full! What vintage goodies do you collect?

  1. Love these – I think everyone’s Granny must have had one! You should go to the Glass shop in Hay next time your in the area -you can watch them blowing the glass and maybe you’ ll discover the answer to some of those How Do They questions! Beth x

    • Yes, they were v popular weren’t they? I guess the ones I find in charity shops were someone’s Granny’s 🙁
      Wow that sounds amazing! I went to a crystal factory in Devon once and was entranced by the glass blowers. So deft with these enormous chunks of molten glass. Incredible!

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