It’s taken a few months and a few failed attempts, but the Dr and I finally made it to a Boot Sale! It’s one of my favourite ways to find vintage treasure and I can’t believe some of the bargains I’ve found over the years. Dr P is less keen, it has to be said, but he dutifully drives me there and follows me round limiting himself to just a few comments about “One man’s rubbish is another man’s rubbish…”.

My first bargain was this bad boy.


How much do you think? Just 50p. 50p! I was delighted. A vintage teal flask is mine. Result.

Then I found a Pyrex jug for a pound and some amazing silverware. There were 2 big boxes of silver items and cutlery. I had to limit myself to just a few pieces. I don’t have any silverware but thought it might be fun to add a few pieces to my home. For £15 I got the big silver dish, two tablespoons, a ladle, salt cellar and 4 napkin rings. None of it is sterling silver – it’s all EPNS, which means a thin layer of silver is laid on top of some other base metal. This makes it a risky buy as some of it may have been polished lots, wearing away the silver.


It also gives me the chance to indulge in a hour or two of one of my favourite past times – metal polishing. I love polishing brass or silver and I happily set myself up, with a cuppa and an episode of something on TV, and completed the satisfying task of making all my finds super shiny!


My cutlery gleams and I can’t wait to use it!


This silver salver isn’t perfect – it has a few places where the silver has worn off, but it’s a lovely shape and with a well-placed doily I’m sure it’ll look very classy!  I’m looking forward to finding it a space in my new abode…


The napkin rings were an impulse buy – I don’t own any napkins! But now I have the napkin rings, I could buy some… They polished beautifully.


My favourite item was this tiny salt cellar. It has a blue glass insert and I fell in love with it. Unfortunately it hasn’t really polished well at all. No matter, I still love it and shall find a little nook for it to live in.

We got up just after 6:30am and were booting by 7:15. We were home for 8:30 and eating bacon sandwiches (him) and fried egg sandwiches (me) washed down with big mugs of tea by 9am. I was most happy with my finds and I’m debating whether I can persuade him to go again this weekend… I’m going to need to make it sound appealing somehow…


It is with a cunning plan I say:

It’s only vintage but I like it!

2 comments on “It’s only a Car Boot Sale but I like it…”

  1. Some good finds there especially the flask. Things like that just get me all nostalgic these days as I tend to remember my Dad having one like it. He passed away when i was 15 ~ he always took a packed lunch and flask to market with him. 🙂

    • Ah bless you! Yes, we watched Made in Dagenham the other day and I noticed several of the factory girls holding similar flasks as they headed off to work!

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