Some years ago, I was offered some furniture from a house in Wales. A big house. My Grandparents worked for the family that owned it and when the house was finally not being used they offered my Grandad (and by extension my Mum and I) anything we wanted as they cleared the contents. At the time I was 21 and still deciding where I would settle and what I would do. That didn’t stop me falling in love with a chair.


I found out recently that it’s called a Bobbin chair. Mum brought it down, after storing it for me for the last 14 years, and it’s now with me in Southampton. I love it and the ornate woodwork is beautiful, the cane work is in perfect condition. I’m just not mad for the tapestry cushion.

So I decided to do something I’ve always fancied doing and get the chair reupholstered.  After receiving a few quotes I met up with Guy from I showed him my Bobbin chair (I’ll be honest – he told me it was a Bobbin chair!) and two non descript but vintagey chairs I bought off eBay for £95.


Guy came round and took a look at my chairs. He agreed to recover the two eBay chairs and recover the seat of my Bobbin chair. He brought me lots of swatches and I chose some fabrics. I couldn’t find anything I liked for the chair that will go in the living room, so he came back and brought me some other ones another day. One of them was a genius choice – a yellow patterned fabric that is going to be so perfect! It’s all kinds of 1960s Kubrick with a  funky geometric pattern and I can’t wait to see the finished articles.


In the last week every spare minute has been spent painting my house and on Wednesday I go away for a few days on a school residential so I won’t be blogging too much this week. The chairs should be back with me on Friday and I’ll show you the results. I’ll be so excited to do a before and after post! Have you ever had anything reupholstered? How did it go?


It is with a fabric obsessed brain I say:

It’s only vintage but I like it!

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