I had to nip into town in my lunch hour the other day. I rarely do it, I’m usually shovelling a tuna salad and marking maths books. It’s not the greatest way to spend an hour but it beats sitting around and doing it at the end of the day. I was lured out by a phone call from the jewellers to say my engagement ring had been resized and was ready to be collected.

I dashed out (once I’d shovelled the tuna salad) and was there within 10minutes. The ring is now a perfect fit and I was feeling smiley. Knowing I didn’t have anything to get ready for the afternoon, I decided to have a wander round the numerous charity shops my part of Southampton has to offer.


First find was two bubble vases for my collection! Just 99p each. I really should slow down on these now as I hear someone else has collected a shoebox full for me – amazing!



Next up was this pretty pale blue serving dish. I love the colour and it’s ding and dent-free. It’s a good match for my crockery and my other serving dishes and at £3.50 I thought it should come and live with me!


My final, and favourite find was this set of Bovril jars. They are hard to photograph but I adore the fact they are in size order – 16oz, 8oz, 4oz and 2oz. Super cute! I don’t know where they’ll live but I need them in my life! £4.99 for the set which I thought was reasonable!

Very successful for a quick 20 minute run round! I went back to school feeling quite naughty but with a big smile. Now I just need to make sure lunchtime shopping is not too much of a regular thing…

It is with a large pile of marking I say:
It’s only vintage but I like it!

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