Today I finally got round to scouting out the charity shops in the bit of Southampton I work in. I take a bus into this part of town and have been seeing the charity shops everyday on my way in and out, but of course I am always at work during opening hours. We were in that part of town to view some houses and so afterwards I had a little tour and I was pleasantly surprised by the range of vintage homeware I found. I had to limit myself, as I don’t want to buy lots until we move, but I could definitely have bought more.

My finds were these beauties:


That background is a double sized candy striped sheet. I’m in love with it, I think it’d make a really cute summer dress… Just £2.50.

The beetroot pot is spectacularly ugly, I know, but I still adore it. I already own a celery man, apple man and an onion man. Now I have completed the set for £2.00.


As you may remember those bubble vases are a favourite of mine and at 99p this one had to come home with me. It now resides with it’s older sibling.


The little silver vase was an impulse. It’s marked ‘silver plated’ on the bottom and for a pound I thought it might look cute somewhere.

I’m impressed with what I found and there was lots more to be had. I just need to find the house to put it all in!

It is with a house-hungry stare I say:

It’s only vintage but I like it!

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