It was a momentous day when I finally took delivery of my piano!


Admittedly, it was pretty scary to see it being expertly manoeuvred into my home by two amazing professional piano movers! They knew exactly what they were doing, and carefully cajoled it through the door and from my tiny hallway into my downstairs dining room. image

This piano is most definitely vintage. The piano tuner who attended to its insides recently showed me the maker’s number inside and said that German piano makers (Bluthner in this case) were very particular about cataloging their pianos. When I googled the number I discovered it was made somewhere around 1863. My Dad bought it in the late 1970s and it was the piano we learned to play on when we were children.


Considering it’s been around so very long, it has a few war wounds – we took it apart to clean it once when I was a teenager and found – among other things – a piece of cheese, some pins and lots of glitter. Young children love to ‘post’ things between piano keys!

It’s something I was looking forward to being reunited with and I’m lucky to have it. It has a lot of special memories, and I’m a bit rusty but I’m enjoying playing it again! My next job is searching out some music to play on it…

It is with a desire for some new sheet music I say:

It’s only vintage but I like it!

2 comments on “It’s only a Piano but I like it…”

  1. I remember your dad getting this piano and it being stripped down in the cabin. It’s a really good piano, over strung if I remember right, and a lovely full sound .t’s really good to see its gone to a good home and will be enjoyed. Xxx

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