I’ve been busy this summer. Lots of jobs to do in my new house. I was particularly keen to make my living room work. It just wasn’t quite right and despite it being the room I felt I had the most vision for it was the one I was least happy with and the one I enjoyed being in the least!

Beech Living Room

As you can see from this image from the estate agent’s website, the focal point of the room is a gorgeous original 1930s fireplace with teal tiles. It’s the first thing I saw when we viewed the house and I fell in love with it from that moment.

The room was a drab pale blue and pale grey and I – predictably – painted over that with a few coats of brilliant white. Big shout out to my Mum and Bill who helped me paint the walls and even did the ceiling, picture rails and fireplace too. We did the whole (very high ceilinged) room in 48 hours with a few breaks for cups of tea, dinner and, on the last night, a swift pint of ale.


I think you’ll agree it looks very fresh and clean and I finally got round to having a special print framed. My friend Lou (http://www.loupartridge.co.uk) created a personalised giclee print of one of her paintings (Turquoise mackerel with a Skinny Moon) for me a few years ago. She added extra glitter to the mackerel, and extra silver leaf to the moon for me! It has been in storage but I finally took it into town and got Paul and his team at Art Effects (http://www.arteffects-southampton.co.uk) to frame it for me.


I love the green and blue in the print and so I ran around the house and gathered up all the green and blue glass I could find to make those colours pop! I think the plain white background is a brilliant neutral canvas and I’m so happy with the overall look.

I still need to do a big reveal of the whole room, but I’m waiting on some news before I can share that with you. I’m really pleased with this room and I’ve spent so much more time in it lately. I also have a new mission – blue and green glass! That will be my search for the Autumn I think, I’ll see how much I can find in chart shops and at Boot Sales!

It is with a new obsession I say:

It’s only vintage but I like it!

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