Actually, I don’t like it. It’s making my head hurt and I’m terrified of making a mistake.

After last week’s lemons, life has handed me something amazing – the house sale has gone through! The solicitors managed to cajole the seller and we exchanged on Friday. This has sent me into a spiral of furniture buying. When we thought it was all off we booked a few days away at half term, but we’re now going to have to cut that short and come back in order to complete. We’ll have little time then to try and sort out some furniture ( we have none!) and get it delivered.

A key piece would be a sofa. I had fallen in love with DFS’s Rosie sofa. I’d seen it a few places and it seemed perfect.


It came in a lovely teal and looks comfy but stylish. I’m torn between wanting something that looks retro and something that will be comfy – we do like to spend time on  our sofa, so it must be somewhere I can curl up and relax. Rosie however is no longer available, so I reconciled myself to looking elsewhere.


On Saturday the Dr and I trudged round almost all the furniture stores in Southampton and I was most unimpressed. John Lewis had this gorgeous G-plan Retro range but it’s pricey and I don’t think I can justify spending that amount.


They also had this amazing Ercol sofa. I’d love an Ercol sofa, but they are hard to find and go for lots second hand, even in poor condition. I’m watching one on Ebay now, but I’m sure I’ll be outbid and it’ll exceed anything I could pay.


We both spent a bit of time perched on this sofa in Ikea. I have mixed feelings about Ikea. I love many things about it, but don’t want too many Ikea things in my home. I want it to feel individual. However, I think this sofa is a good compromise. It’s comfy and I can see myself snuggled into it. I like the colour and the style too. I also got to have a closer look at this Ekenaset chair, which I’d spotted on some blogs. I loved it in real life and I think we’ll be adding this to our living room.


So, let me know what you think. Am I selling out? Can you recommend something retro and comfy? Be quick though, time is of the essence!

It is with an aching head I say:

It’s only vintage but I like it…

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