I love promotions, I love offers, I love collecting tokens and I love special edition packaging. You may remember my excitement at Orla Kiely’s collaboration with Douwe Egberts a whole back (http://itsonlyvintagebutilikeit.com/uncategorized/its-only-orla-kiely-but-i-like-it/).

I recently got wind of another collaboration that is very exciting. Walker’s have been the nation’s favourite crisps for many a year and they recently brought out a new range – Walker’s Market Deli crisps.



Furher to this, at the moment, if you can find promotional packs you can save tokens to buy serving and dip bowls from Emma Bridgewater.



Rather attractive, I think you’ll agree, and they also work out quite reasonable – much as I love Emma’s wares, they do come in on the pricey end of the market.

I sent the Dr out on a mission this morning and he returned with 12 bags of crisps! Now we just need to eat them so we can send the tokens off!


It is with concerns for an ill-fitting wedding dress I say:

It’s only vintage but I like it!

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