I popped into ASDA today to buy some stewing steak. I had promised the Dr a steak and kidney pie (I had to cut up kidneys, I am a vegetarian) so I grabbed thyme, parsley and stewing steak – all the ingredients I hadn’t garnered earlier in the week. As I was making my way to the till my eye was caught by this cute Spring themed duvet cover.


I remembered a blog post by www.retrochick.co.uk about a Christmas pin up girl duvet cover. I think MrsJMP mentioned that one too.


I decided I needed to check out the bedding in more detail and was quickly pulled in by this lovely teal 1940s style beauty.

imageI can’t find any images of this one online, but I love it! I purchased it even though I have no room to store any more bedding and we have yet to purchase a house! I think it’s a winner and a quick Google shows there have been some other great vintage themed bedding recently. I’m not going to unpack it, but stow it away with several other recent purchases, until we move. It will be a nice addition to the new bed we treat ourselves to.


Retro Chick has this Sailor Girl one, and I must admit I’m tempted!


I think they’re incredibly cute and would bring a smile to my face every time I stepped into my boudoir. I don’t think the Dr would disapprove of scantily clad ladies in the bedroom either. My advice is to get to your nearest ASDA and check out their range – or look online www.asda.co.uk.

It is with a vision of a future bedroom I say:

It’s only vintage but it like it!

*I paid for the items included in this vintage adventure and the opinions expressed are all my own!*

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