I’ve mentioned Hannah Turner (www.hannahturner.co.uk) a few times already and I know I’ve pictured some of her pieces on here but I thought it was time to sing her praises and give her a whole post to herself!

Hannah T

I think I discovered Hannah on Instagram and the minute I saw her Birdy inspired range of ceramics I was smitten. I have a distinct memory of being in bed on a chilly night last autumn and springing out to find my credit card, knowing I just had to make a purchase then and there.

Hannah Birdy

Hannah has several ranges of ceramics and they all seem very 1950s inspired to me. I love genuine vintage china, but I also love mixing it up with modern pieces if they really take my fancy and these have done just that!

Hannah s and p

Hannah’s ceramics are whimsical and fun and you can definitely see the 1950s cartoons influence that she cites.

Hannah toadstools

Hannah works from her home in Bristol and her range includes tableware, money boxes, screen prints and lots more. She often has some seconds on her website too! Definitely worth checking out.


I love my Owls and use them all the time. I’m now hankering after some toadstool themed crockery to continue my Hannah collection. Perhaps they’ll go on my letter to Santa this year!

It is with a pen and paper in hand I say:

It’s only vintage but I like it!

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