I’m a huge fan of vintage kitchenware as I’ve discussed here before. There are many items that I remember being stalwarts of my Mum, my Gran and other relative’s kitchen cupboards but none more consistently than the Mason Cash cane mixing bowl.


It’s a basic but beautiful design – heavy based, chip resistant and well, quite frankly almost indestructible. My Mum has had hers for years and I’m sure I sent it spinning to the tiled kitchen floor on a couple of occasions when I was little and we were baking, but it’s still going strong.

I own one myself – of course – and have been very happy with it, so imagine my delight during my romp through Brighton’s North Laines the other day, to find this beauty in a home store.


What a beautiful updating of their iconic design! It has all the features that make the original mixing bowl so functional but with the addition of these folk tale themed creatures. It initially caught my eye because Dr P’s Mum loves hedgehogs – she bakes scones for the ones that visit her garden. I know. Scones. What can I say – she’s a generous lady!

 Anyway, on glancing at the bowl’s bottom (how rude!) I saw the immortal words Mason Cash and I was smitten.

I’ve since looked up the range – it’s called ‘In the Forest’ and you can find it here: http://www.masoncash.co.uk/Product/Products/InTheForestMixingBowls#.VFUxHFbRo1g.

I’ll admit to ordering one as a future present for Barbara (Dr P’s Mum) and I may have ordered another for myself – just to check the quality, you know… I go to great lengths for my blog, I’ll have you know!


I’ve already used my hedgehog bowl to make an apple crumble that we ate on Halloween. It was rather delicious, if I do say so myself…



However it seems almost cruel to separate Mr Hedgehog from his fox, owl and rabbit friends. Should I get the whole set? They’d look so lovely on the floating shelves I’m having in my imaginary kitchen in my imaginary house…

Anyway, check out this range and several others on the Mason Cash website (www.masoncash.co.uk) (the Zest range is delicious!). I guarantee you’ll love the way they have updated and played with their classic designs. And I guarantee you’ll fall in love and buy something.

It is with a forest-themed longing I say:

It’s only vintage but I like it!

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