You may remember the awesome apron by MiL-to-be got me for Christmas.



Well I did a little digging and discovered it came from a gorgeous little company called Mouse to Minx. I got in contact, waxing lyrical about my apron, and was lucky enough to be offered some items to review!

Mouse to Minx are the first, and currently the only, designers to be given a licence by DC Thompson to print designs inspired by the comic illustrations. Currently you can purchase a lovely range including mugs, chopping boards, aprons, oven gloves and scarves. There are more products being developed right now and I know Mouse and Minx are taking orders on their Etsy site ( and are happy to be contacted for wholesale orders too.


I think they’d make the perfect Easter gift – my Mum was certainly a big fan of Bunty, Judy, Mandy and the various girls magazines of the day and these gifts really bring back the innocent fun of yesteryear.


This chopping board and mug were perfect for an afternoon snack. I love the print and colours – the kitchen themed comic chosen makes it a great choice for homeware.


Youll find several other ranges on Mouse to Minx’s site as well as giclee prints and some lovely scarves. Remember Bunty’s famous cut-out wardrobe? Well, you can relive all those fab outfits with this scarf…


It is with a longing for as many outfits as Bunty that I say:

It’s only vintage but I like it!

*I was given some of these items to review, but the views, as always, are my own.*

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