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Once again I think this one links back to my Gran. She had one of these salad dishes on the side although I don’t remember anything ever being served in it. I don’t know what manufacturer made it  – my research suggests Beswick, Carltonware and Arthur Woods, to name a few, all made dishes like this.imageimage

I was fascinated but it’s shape, the detail to the veined leaves and the contrast of the smooth, shiny red tomatoes! image

The colours were vibrant and I liked the fact the bowl looked like the meal it was meant to serve. Cheesy but true.imageI picked my bowl up in a charity shop this week for £3.99. I’d seen quite a few before but they’d been the wrong size or shape, or, more often, they’d been in quite battered condition. Although this one has a lot of crazing, it is chip free. One website I visited led me to believe it was made between 1934 and 1944, so it’s looking good considering its age!

I think I might serve something old fashioned and unwieldy in it. The kind of thing your nan would put out for high tea on a Sunday – a dish of beetroot and egg drizzled with salad cream? On a bed of lettuce. That’ll do it!

It is with a knowing wink I say:

It’s only vintage but I like it!

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