So I am back to school and the new term has been its usual flurry of triumphs, hard work and a few tears. I’m trying to establish a routine for my evenings and one of things I want to do is to blog regularly. I heard a comment in a film the other day, something along the lines of ‘Go to work, but everything outside of that should be spent doing what you love’. I liked that phrase and it made me want to value my time and achieve things that are important to me in my spare time too.

Today I’m going to share a little upcycling project with you. At least I think it’s upcycling. It may actually just be a repurposed item. I’m not sure. Anyway.

I has a list of things I needed to make Dr P’s kitchen vaguely functional and one of those things was a kitchen roll holder. I checked Amazon, I googled, I ebayed. I couldn’t find one I liked (I am very fussy). And then I had a closer look at the eBay search results and noticed that one of listings was for something called a Copper Posser.



This slightly UFO-like item is apparently used for agitating your washing in your copper. I decided I liked this chunky copper plunger and it would be perfect for kitchen roll. Within a few days I’d found one and bid until it was winging its way to me! It was the strangest shaped parcel I’d ever received!

It was old and battered and very tarnished but that gave me the chance to do something I’d not done in years – metal polishing! I flipping loved Polishing my Mum’s copper and brass ornaments as a kid and I had so much fun polishing this bad boy up til it shone.

I changed my mind about its (re)purpose at the last minute and it now resides in the bathroom. Dr P has not mentioned it. Not even once. I, for one, like it. I like the fact it had a previous life. I like the fact it bears scars. I like the fact it lives on now in retirement. Next to a toilet…


It is with a satisfied smile I say:

It’s only Vintage but I like it…

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