You cannot bury your head in the sand any longer. Christmas is fast approaching whether you like it or not. And I do like it as it happens. We’re big into Christmas in my family and we all love buying, wrapping and giving gifts.

One of my favourite places to buy gifts in recent years is Folksy is a marketplace for handmade things and it’s based in the UK. I love handmade things. I like the originality of having something no one else will have. I like the fact something has been designed and sourced with care and love. I like the fact my money is going to support an independent craftsperson.

With this in mind I’ve compiled a little list of gifts that can be bought from Folksy – a gift guide if you will.

I’d start with these lovely festive hair clips from Butterfly Kisses ( ):


I just love this patterned clutch from Jiggle Ma Wiggle ( ):image

I think these simple but perfect pearl earrings would be a stylish accompaniment to many of my outfits. Find them at Deborah Jones Jewellery (


As far as I’m concerned any item from Amy Laws’ ( ) shop would be more than welcome, but right now I’m choosing this gorgeous summery number, to keep me going through the dark months until I can bare my flesh again!


And, I’m sorry, there’s really no point me pretending to be all sophisticated. What I really want for Christmas is one of these bauble headpieces from Hatastic ( ) I own several of their pieces already and I bought one of their ‘Hen’ headpiece for my sister to wear on her Hen do. Their stuff is just great: fun, affordable and completely unique!


Of course these gifts can be for others… Or, you know, why not treat yourself? I might just do that.;-)

It is with a mischievous grin I say:

Its only vintage but I like it!

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