Call me naive but I thought writing a blog was just about choosing something you love and something you have a lot to say about and getting started. I thought people would be out there searching for me – sitting at home in their repro 1940s dresses, looking disconsolately out of the window, hand on brow crying out “If only I could find a UK based blogger who was entering on a journey to retro heaven. If only! It would make me sew heppy!”. Turns out they’re not. I’ve had to work hard to promote my blog. If you’re new to the blogging game, this is how far I’ve got with promotion. I’m nice, so I’m sharing!

The first thing I did – albeit accidentally – was share it with family and friends. I posted something on a companies’ Facebook page and linked to my blog, not realising all my Facebook friends would see. They were very complementary and now I always share on Facebook when I make a post. I did then – when my posting became more frequent – get worried that I was rather spamming all my friends and they might get annoyed. So, I decided to create a Facebook page that linked to my blog ( however this has proved to about as useful as the old chocolate teapot. Facebook won’t allow me to add anyone I don’t already know – yes, that’s right, all the people I was hoping to leave alone! I cannot add companies that might be interested in seeing my reviews. Also, all I get is asked to pay for Facebook to ‘boost’ or ‘promote’ my posts. Only a fraction of what I post actually reaches any followers I have there. My advice: don’t bother.

My next step was Twitter. Oh Twitter, how I love and adore thee. If Facebook is a mean and twisted old Aunt that is unpredictable in her affections, Twitter is that big old twinkly Auntie that always has a bag of Cadbury Eclairs in the glove box.  Setting up my Twitter ( account was super easy and Auntie Twitter was even on hand to give me suggestions of who to follow and who might be interested in following me. After a half term week of getting click happy on Twitter’s recommendations I now have close to 500 followers and my traffic that week alone almost tripled. What a girl!

On the advice of lovely Flo the photographer I pulled a dusty and rarely used Instagram account out the airing cupboard and repurposed it for my new needs. My Instagram account is quite fun. I’m not sure it contributes to many clicks on my blog but it is a lark and there’s plenty of eye candy to be had.  I like sharing photos and discovering other vintage obsessees like myself.

There is of course bloglovin. I registered and you can find me there, I’m not sure it brings me many views but it’s a good way of cataloging all your favourite blogs in one place.

Every time I make a post I share it on Facebook and Twitter and tag relevant people and companies in it. This might get a you a retweet or a repost on their page which means more clicks for the site! I also use HootSuite  – on the advice of Dr P. This clever doohickey allows me to schedule tweets and posts advertising my blog at different times of the day during the week. It means I can hit different ‘markets’ at times when I’d be too busy to stop and write something.

So there you have it. This is how far I’ve got. What do you do? Am I doing it right? What else should I do? Is it normal to check your hit count so many times a day your brain is practically vibrating? Leave me a comment and let me know! It is with a buzzing brain I say: It’s only vintage but I like it!

4 comments on “It’s only promotion but I like it…”

  1. I do get a bit obsessed with my stats I must admit so I do check them about a thousand times a day. 🙂 I think your doing all the right things. I should get more pro-active on twitter. My blog posts automatically go on there but I keep forgetting to read my twitter feed. Thats strange about facebook, my page has got a few followers that i’m not actually friends with. Did u start it as a page or a fresh account? X

    • Glad it’s not just me! Twitter has been very useful. I added another Facebook page to my personal one. It’s set up as a business one I think. It’s useless. I know lots of businesses get cross as your posts don’t go out to everyone. Anyway I shall soldier on!

      • do you link yours to bloglovin? People seem to get a lot of followers from that though I admit It hasn’t really worked that way for me. Though it is a good place to keep all the blogs you enjoy in one place. X

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