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It’s only Retro Peepers but I like it!

I’ll be honest. I’ve been weak. I was tempted and as Oscar Wilde advised, I gave in to that temptation.

I have blogged before(https://itsonlyvintagebutilikeit.wordpress.com/type/link/) about Retro Peepers (for link see list on the right) Annie Towler’s brilliant website for buying retro frames. I bought two pairs of her Peggy specs last summer and blogged about buying and fitting them. Deciding I’d like something in a more 1940s vein I perused Annie’s site and settled on the Miller specs.


They arrived a week or so ago and I headed out to the park on a ridiculously cold and sunny Sunday morning to take some pics. I took my new tripod and my new lens. It’s true to say I’m still learning to use both of them and far from happy with the results but hopefully you can get the picture from these.


The Miller frames are a lovely tortoiseshell and catch the light beautifully. They’re a much fuller, rounder lens than my Peggy frames but they aren’t heavy. I’m very happy with the look and fitting them was a doddle. You can read about how here in my earlier post. I was much more confident this time. In a matter of minutes I’d shaped them and I’ve not had any slippy specs moments at all this week! Once again Ciliary Blue(see right for link) were swift and professional with their glazing and if you’re in the market for specs I’d definitely recommend Retro Peepers and Ciliary Blue.


It is with a 1940s gaze I say:

It’s only vintage but I like it!

*I paid for all the items reviewed in this vintage adventure and the opinions expressed are my own!*

It’s only a brand but I like it…

So everyone commits to vintage to their own degree right?

Some people have homes entirely decorated in the style of a certain period. Some wear the clothes day in and day out, but have a modern furnished home. Some just choose aspects of the fashion to enjoy.

For me, I’m enjoying the styles of the 40s and 50s but I like to mix them with my own, slightly quirky fashion sense. I love the dresses the most. I’m working up to some shorts and trousers but a little more weight loss may be needed first. Sometimes this mix works, sometimes it doesn’t, but in the case of the latter: my family don’t comment, my friends embrace anything I wear and DrP (my boyfriend) is far too well brought up to point out he’d prefer it if I didn’t go out with a banana on my head.

This all brings me on to favourite brands. I’m still learning (this is a journey, remember?) but so far these are the bad boys that set my heart on fire and have me dreaming of their products until I succumb late at night, clutching my credit card in my sweaty hand, looking guiltily from left to right.

For shoes, it has to be Irregular Choice:


I love their low heels – I’m not a high heels kinda girl, plus I can spend all night dancing on these delicious articles with nary a twinge the next day! I must admit to owning these Trinkletina Low Heels in blue, green and purple!


I have the matching bag to go with these and love teaming it with my red retro dress…

When it comes to jewellery I love Tatty Devine. I love their quirky designs. I love the name necklaces, the fact that they will personalise things for you and they have a great Care Team for when things tragically get broken.

Several of their necklaces lend themselves to vintage stylings:


This is some of my Tatty collection and I think the little librarian specs, fox and the anchor are fab. I love teaming them up with retro dresses. The best thing about Tatty for me is that your rarely see anyone else wearing it and you get dozens of comments! I have become known as ‘The-girl-who-wears-the-banana-necklace’ in the ex-pat community of Abu Dhabi.

All because of this huge, suggestive, flirty momma:


Tatty Devine = FUN!

As you may remember I’m growing my hair and so I’ve just purchased a few exciting hair accessories from Hatastic on Folksy.


I especially love this, can’t think why! I’ll be teaming them up with something pretty and showing the full effect soon!


In terms of clothing, I use Ebay lots and sometimes they’re vintage, sometimes just a cheap brand. it doesn’t really matter to me if I like the styling of the dress.

At Christmas time I did fall in love with this Rockin Robin dress from Amy Laws on Folksy:


Hell Bunny, Collectif and a few others are new discoveries but I have yet to make a purchase so I shall save that for another update…

For now, I shall say with sweaty palms:

It’s only vintage but I like it…