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It’s only a pair of Espadrilles but I like it…

You may remember me mentioning Amy Laws (http://www.theresonlyoneamylaws.co.uk) before. She of the lovely dresses!

image image image

Amy’s handmade designs are so gorgeous! Her Rockabilly Robin dress has been my staple Christmas dress for a few years now.

I was interested to see she’d branched out this summer with a new range of footwear. Now, not meaning to sound like an Alan Bennett monologue, but I’ve led a very sheltered life espadrille-wise. I honestly do not think I’ve ever tried some on let alone owned a pair.


Seeing Amy’s new range though, I definitely think I could be persuaded to give them a go.


My only dilemma is which pair to go for…


What do you think? Rainy days, pineapples or ice creams?

It is with a tough decision to make I say:

It’s only vintage but I like it!

It’s only Small Business Saturday but I like it…

In advance of Small Business Saturday tomorrow here are some of my favourite small retailers. I’m really passionate about buying local, buying independent and buying British. If you still have some Christmas shopping to do, please consider these fantastic people and their unique products.

These are very talented people and all of their work has some whimsical, retro element which makes me love it even more. Please visit and enjoy!








 image image image



It is with great awe at these talents I say:

It’s only vintage but I like it!

It’s only Amy Laws but I like it…

I’m going to enjoy writing this post because it’s a chance to write in depth about a British dressmaker who I’ve mentioned before and I really believe in.

I discovered Amy Laws on folksy (https://folksy.com/shops/Onlyoneamylaws) , which as I’ve previously discussed is a great place to find independent makers of all kinds of amazing things. I noticed Amy’s Rockabilly Robin dress a couple of Autumns ago and immediately knew I had found my ‘Christmas Day Dress’! At £45 it was reasonable and after a few emails with Amy to query measurements I definitely felt like I wanted to take the gamble. I loved the style and shape and even more those chubby screen printed robins, settled snugly along the hem.


I wore it that year for dinner with Dr P and again on Christmas Day with my family. I accessorised it with black tights and little black shrug.

Fast forward a year and my Mum announced a Christmas themed wedding on the 27th of December. I wondered if it was another chance to give Robin an outing. As part of the service I was singing with my favourite duet partner, my little cousin Molly. Normally we coordinate outfits when we sing together and when I described my dress she loved it and wondered whether it would be too cheesy to wear the same one? Amy was very helpful when I contacted her about making me a Rockabilly Robin for Molly. She asked for measurements, checked sleeve lengths and styles and shipped it off to Molly when it was done.

These are some photos from the day. I’ll be honest, I’m not one hundred percent happy with the way I put this outfit together. The length of the dress is a little shorter than I’d normally wear and I wish I’d worn thicker tights – I’m not a fan of how my legs look and a Welsh churchyard on the 27th of December is less than balmy! I’m wearing some black spotty Irregular Choice shoes but I’m not sure how well they come across either! I love the vintage fur stole and the vintage handbag – both bought at the Yellow Vintage Fair I went to just before Christmas. I think I match well with my sister MrsJMP which was more luck than judgement.

Mum, Bill, Me

I’m very happy with my hair which was styled by Phillippa Torrance (https://www.facebook.com/pages/PJ-2-CUT-mobile-hairdressing/177453405635996?fref=ts). If you’re in the Mid Wales area she is definitely the person to go to for cuts or styling. She’s winning awards left, right and centre, and I can see why. She had done her homework and knew what I wanted better than I did! I only wish I had some better photos of it!

Me singing

In terms of make up Mrs JMP helped me with foundation and eyeshadow and then I applied my favourite Besame Cherry lipstick. I find it the perfect shade for me.

MrsJMP and Me

I thought, seeing as we were going all out on this Christmas theme, this might be the perfect moment for my Tatty Devine Holly necklace(www.tattydevine.com). I think it set off the whole ensemble quite nicely!

I think Amy did a great job and cousin Mol and I were very happy with our outfits. We sang Ho Hey by the Lumineers (in the style of Lennon and Maisy – check them out here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BkBJu5lUCuA.

Molly Polly

Amy has a whole range of dresses for adults and children in some beautiful designs. I am definitely thinking of treating myself to some more of her dresses for the spring. Can’t wait to see what she’s got planned to take us into the summer!

Pineapple DressFlamingo DressRainy Day

Something for every season and every mood I think you’ll agree. Go and check her out and let me know if you make any purchases – I don’t about you, but I need those flamingos in my life!

It is with dress envy I say:

It’s only vintage but I like it!

It’s only a brand but I like it…

So everyone commits to vintage to their own degree right?

Some people have homes entirely decorated in the style of a certain period. Some wear the clothes day in and day out, but have a modern furnished home. Some just choose aspects of the fashion to enjoy.

For me, I’m enjoying the styles of the 40s and 50s but I like to mix them with my own, slightly quirky fashion sense. I love the dresses the most. I’m working up to some shorts and trousers but a little more weight loss may be needed first. Sometimes this mix works, sometimes it doesn’t, but in the case of the latter: my family don’t comment, my friends embrace anything I wear and DrP (my boyfriend) is far too well brought up to point out he’d prefer it if I didn’t go out with a banana on my head.

This all brings me on to favourite brands. I’m still learning (this is a journey, remember?) but so far these are the bad boys that set my heart on fire and have me dreaming of their products until I succumb late at night, clutching my credit card in my sweaty hand, looking guiltily from left to right.

For shoes, it has to be Irregular Choice:


I love their low heels – I’m not a high heels kinda girl, plus I can spend all night dancing on these delicious articles with nary a twinge the next day! I must admit to owning these Trinkletina Low Heels in blue, green and purple!


I have the matching bag to go with these and love teaming it with my red retro dress…

When it comes to jewellery I love Tatty Devine. I love their quirky designs. I love the name necklaces, the fact that they will personalise things for you and they have a great Care Team for when things tragically get broken.

Several of their necklaces lend themselves to vintage stylings:


This is some of my Tatty collection and I think the little librarian specs, fox and the anchor are fab. I love teaming them up with retro dresses. The best thing about Tatty for me is that your rarely see anyone else wearing it and you get dozens of comments! I have become known as ‘The-girl-who-wears-the-banana-necklace’ in the ex-pat community of Abu Dhabi.

All because of this huge, suggestive, flirty momma:


Tatty Devine = FUN!

As you may remember I’m growing my hair and so I’ve just purchased a few exciting hair accessories from Hatastic on Folksy.


I especially love this, can’t think why! I’ll be teaming them up with something pretty and showing the full effect soon!


In terms of clothing, I use Ebay lots and sometimes they’re vintage, sometimes just a cheap brand. it doesn’t really matter to me if I like the styling of the dress.

At Christmas time I did fall in love with this Rockin Robin dress from Amy Laws on Folksy:


Hell Bunny, Collectif and a few others are new discoveries but I have yet to make a purchase so I shall save that for another update…

For now, I shall say with sweaty palms:

It’s only vintage but I like it…