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It’s only vintage glassware but I like it…

imageCharity shop shopping is a fickle mistress. Sometimes you find lots, sometimes you can go months without finding anything. I’ve been through a dry spell and lost heart a little bit.


This week I nipped out to the post office at lunchtime and decided I had time to pop into one or two charity shops. I found a lovely Meakin teapot in Oxfam but the £9.95 price tag seemed rather steep. Next door in British Heart Foundation I found three Britvic glass and three CherryB glasses priced just £2. I love vintage glassware and have some Britvic tumblers that my Mum bought me.imageThey have so much character and I knew I had to have them! imageWhen I got them to the till the manageress gave me a kind of sideways look and asked if I was interested in retro glasses. I confirmed that I was and she said she had six Babycham glasses out in the back room that she hadn’t put out yet.imageI don’t really need to tell you my response do I? I’m very happy with my vintage glassware for just £4 in total.  Now I just need to host a little winter party to make the most of my beautiful new glasses. What are your best charity shop bargains?

It is with a plan forming I say:

It’s only vintage but I like it…

It’s only a Vintage Bauble but I like it…


I have a dream of a vintage Christmas and the long term goal of decorating my tree with only vintage baubles. I got a step closer when I discovered these beauties in a charity shop in Wales. I’ve been watching lots of these on eBay and they go for crazy money – what a find!

All I need now is perfect festive weather…

It is with a wish for a white Christmas I say:

It’s only vintage but I like it!


It’s only Beryl but I like it…

Here it is. In all it’s scrubbed and polished beauty…Bery rack

I love each variation in colour and depth of glaze.

Beryl rack 2

I can’t believe the quality of this stuff – seriously some of it has been around now for at least 75 years and it still sparkles with a good polish.

Beryl rack 5

I was so lucky to get all 25 pieces here for just ten pounds – god bless charity shops and the nice lady who put it to one side for me so I could go back and get it in my lunch hour on Monday

Beryl table 2

On a charity shop mooch in Wales on Saturday I also came across a large Beryl serving plate! It was marked 2.99 but at the till the assistant noticed it was on a ‘50% off’ shelf so I only paid 1.50!Beryl table

Again the condition is just great – one plate was cracked, but everything else is chip-free!

Crockery cupboard 2

Crockery cupboard

Beryl has gone to live in my crockery cupboard. It’s rather perfect and think she’ll be happy there. I intend to get lots of use out these, in fact I could fancy a cuppa right now… Who’s for tea?

Crockery cupboard 3

It is with a right thirst on I say:

It’s only vintage but I like it!

It’s only a Charity Shop but I like it….

I had to nip into town in my lunch hour the other day. I rarely do it, I’m usually shovelling a tuna salad and marking maths books. It’s not the greatest way to spend an hour but it beats sitting around and doing it at the end of the day. I was lured out by a phone call from the jewellers to say my engagement ring had been resized and was ready to be collected.

I dashed out (once I’d shovelled the tuna salad) and was there within 10minutes. The ring is now a perfect fit and I was feeling smiley. Knowing I didn’t have anything to get ready for the afternoon, I decided to have a wander round the numerous charity shops my part of Southampton has to offer.


First find was two bubble vases for my collection! Just 99p each. I really should slow down on these now as I hear someone else has collected a shoebox full for me – amazing!



Next up was this pretty pale blue serving dish. I love the colour and it’s ding and dent-free. It’s a good match for my crockery and my other serving dishes and at £3.50 I thought it should come and live with me!


My final, and favourite find was this set of Bovril jars. They are hard to photograph but I adore the fact they are in size order – 16oz, 8oz, 4oz and 2oz. Super cute! I don’t know where they’ll live but I need them in my life! £4.99 for the set which I thought was reasonable!

Very successful for a quick 20 minute run round! I went back to school feeling quite naughty but with a big smile. Now I just need to make sure lunchtime shopping is not too much of a regular thing…

It is with a large pile of marking I say:
It’s only vintage but I like it! (more…)