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It’s only Gingham but I like it…

I’ve had an obsession with gingham since I had some little gingham shoes from Mothercare when I was a toddler. Despite loving the stuff, I can’t remember the last time I had any clothing made from this cutesy check.


As usual,  http://www.collectif.co.uk have come up with the goods and I’ve been dreaming of this mint check dress all week. Oh how I adore that colour!


Of course blue gingham is Ultimately desirable and the little daisy details on this make it even more perfect… Collectif again! image

Even my feet can get involved! These are Collectif too and they’re on sale right now. Really feeling I must make a purchase soon – my summer is not going to be complete without a mint gingham dress to flounce around in!

It is with a pastel-hued summer in mind, I say:

It’s only vintage but I like it!

It’s only Collectif but I like it…

It’s no secret that I’m a Collectif fan. I’ve blogged about their clothes herehere and here just to name a few posts.


I should probably shut up about them, but they keep bringing out amazing new prints and designs.

lemon print collectif

I’m a sucker for a nice print and I love fruity designs – so fun and retro!

collectif Lemons Print Pencil Dress collectif Lemons Print Swing Dress

I particularly love this playsuit – I’m too curvy and too old to wear it, but oh, the cuteness!

collectif Lemons Print Playsuit

There’s a pretty top too, if dresses and playsuits are not your bag.

Collectif Lemons Print Top

Such a great print for summer – I know we’re not quite there but the sight raise in temperature gives me hope!

It is with plans for a summer wardrobe I say:

It’s only vintage but I like it!

It’s only Lindy Bop Myrtle but I like it…


My sister had told me I’d need to wear one of my retro dresses for my Hen weekend.


A quick look through my wardrobe gave me lots of options but in the end I plumped for this Myrtle dress from Lindy Bop. I bought this a little while back and haven’t yet had an opportunity to wear it. I bought it because I loved the print – that combination of turquoise squares and pink roses was a winner as far as I was concerned.


I also loved the lapel detail – what an unusual shape at the bust, with some button features too.


I teamed my myrtle up with some mid heel Trinkletina shoes from Irregular Choice. I’ve had them ages and the blue and pink floral fabrics are so cute! They were a good match. A pink cardi from H&M and I was good to go.

image imageimage

Myrtle is a great shape and this size 14 dress fits my torso perfectly, really nipping me in at the waist. It’s a good weight and I love the bust detailing. It looked fab with a petticoat and was comfy enough for me to dance in all morning. I can’t see to find it on the Lindy Bop website but a quick Google tells me there are still lots of them for sales from other places and in a range of colours and patterns. It was the perfect dress for my Hen Do and I’ll always remember it and how good I felt in it!

It is with fond memories I say:

It’s only vintage but I like it!


It’s only Nina but I like it…

Just a quick post to draw your attention to a new addition to Collectif’s current collection:  Nina .


 What a lady. I think it’s a very soft, flattering shape and I love the polka dot details. The fine gauzy layer over the top is rather dreamy and I think you’d feel a million dollars and very feminine in this. Perfect for summer weddings teamed with a flower or two in your up-do.


I like the fact that it looks like an off the shoulder dress but still has those fine mesh sleeves, meaning that ladies like myself with ample bosomage don’t need to worry about wardrobe malfunctions!


The coral and pale blue flock spots are just perfect and, it’s just possible, had I seen this beauty earlier, it might have been a contender for my wedding day!

It is with a hope for a wedding invitation for the summer, I say:

It’s only vintage but I like it!

It’s only SS16 but I like it…

It’s that time of year when all the clothing companies announce their new ranges. We actually had a quite a nice sunny Sunday this weekend and the Dr and I had a quick walk around the Common. The softly thawing ground smelled of Spring and gave me a little bit of hope for warmer weather and skimpier clothes!

The following is a quick round up of my favourite items from my favourite companies!image

This Caterina Vintage Swing Dress from Collectif (https://www.collectif.co.uk/collectif-vintage-caterina-vintage-swing-dress-p-vss160812-c-navy.html) would be a fab wardrobe staple, perfect for work, or lovely dressed up with heels and a nice bag in the evening. I’d get lots of wear out of it!image

Absolutely adore this range from Lady V, modelled here by gorgeous George (www.fullerfigurefullerbust.com). This bright spring pattern is perfect and I like the nice broad shoulder straps. Looks very comfy – and stylish!image

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – I’m a sucker for a fun print and this ticks that box! Fun, fruity and fabulous, I think you could have lots of fun in this! (https://ladyvlondon.com/Tutti-Fruity-Phoebe-Dress/#.VrjzyMSQGrU)


This Kitty Anemone dress from Vivien of Holloway is lovely in teal. The pattern is soft and works well with its different shades of bluey-green. (http://www.vivienofholloway.com/women-c70/dresses-c10/kitty-anemone-teal-p2081)image

i don’t think you have to know who Milly Molly Mandy is to love this dress – but it helps! Lindy Bop have done us proud again, for just £35 this Bletchley Swing Dress (http://www.lindybop.co.uk/dresses-c1/swing-jive-dresses-c3/bletchley-red-stripe-shirt-swing-dress-p2596) can be yours… imageI’m a big fan of mustard clothes and I don’t own enough of them. I have this dress in a  another colour way and can confirm its lovely soft cotton and a great fit… Lindy Bop’s Ionia Tea Dress at £30 (http://www.lindybop.co.uk/dresses-c1/tea-day-dresses-c2/ionia-mustard-polka-dot-tea-dress-p2647).


I don’t get on very well with this style of skirt but I might be tempted to try again having spotted this amazingly cute Tippi candy striped skirt from Lindy Bop (http://www.lindybop.co.uk/bottoms-c21/skirts-c5/tippi-ice-cream-stripe-swing-skirt-p2556). It would be so adorable with a just a plain white top and some pastel flats. Really must lose half a stone and try and make this work!

Some very exciting stuff out there, these are just a few of my favourites, and I’d definitely recommend you have a look at the websites of these companies as there are many more delights waiting for you… Happy Spring!

It is with a longing for Spring I say:

It’s only vintage but I like it!

It’s only Gilda but I like it…

I was only telling DrP the other day that I wasn’t going to buy a ‘Christmas Dress’. I said I didn’t need one and I hadn’t seen anything I fancied. Someone must have been listening up there because just a few days later I was having a little browse on the Lindy Bop website and this jumped out at me ( www.lindybop.co.uk/dresses-c1/swing-jive-dresses-c3/gilda-green-alpine-print-swing-dress-p2436 ):


Is that not the most perfect Christmas dress you have ever seen? This lady is called Gilda (presumably after the vixen played by Rita Hayworth I’m the film of the same name).


I adore that print – I’m a sucker for a great print, as you know, and the shape and colours are so perfect. It’s like wearing a watercolour!

I think I’d team it up with a nice cardi and some heels. It will be the perfect accessory to my Christmas. I have to say I am a big Lindy Bop fan – their range of affordable dresses are very well made and very wearable… All I need now is some festive weather to go with that lovely alpine scene.

It is with a dream of a white Christmas I say:

It’s only vintage but I like it!

It’s only Lady V London but I like it…


It’s that time of year when all the clothing companies announce their new ranges and I currently have so many clothing posts on the back burner! I am trying to space them out and intersperse them with other things!

antiquekey detail

This however, could not wait. I’m a real sucker for a great fabric print – a fact I’m sure I’ve attested to on a few occasions. This one is so quirky and there’s something magical about keys, right? It’s quite steampunk, it makes me think of Mary digging up the key to the secret garden aided by a robin and it reminds me of the reading books I read with my sister when she was little, in which a magical key transported children to places and times where they had adventures!

antiquekey back

I love the colour and cut of the dress – the back detailing is flirty and yet subtle.

I think it would be great for Winter parties and events and I could see it working dressed up or down. Head over to the Lady V London website (https://ladyvlondon.com/Antique-Key-Print-Tea-Dress/#.VggL1TpCg1g ) and this beauty can be yours…

antiquekey full length

Who knows, something magical might just happen when you’re wearing it?

It is with hope for a glowing key I say:

It’s only vintage but I like it…

It’s only Nomads but I like it…

You may remember I reviewed a beautiful Nomads (www.nomadsclothing.com ) dress back in the Spring (http://itsonlyvintagebutilikeit.com/fashion/its-only-nomads-clothing-but-i-like-it/)  . Well, I was lucky enough be offered another fab dress from their summer range to review.


This stunning teal patterned halter neck dress was a joy to wear. I’m a big fan of the colour teal and I think the pink and maroon notes also in the pattern really set each other off. The maroon was a great match for my hair tone incidentally! A halter neck dress always has a vintage feel for me – redolent of those stunning 1950s halter necks teamed with up-dos and killer heels!


 As you can see it’s a lovely fit on me. I only started wearing halter neck dresses a few years ago when I discovered that, with the right bra, they can work pretty well with a fuller bust. One of my bug bears with them is that sometimes they don’t fit well around the torso, slipping down either at the front or the back and leaving the back of your bra on show. Not so with this one. I wore it all day on a shopping trip into town and kept checking myself – no bra in sight! It was a size 14 and perfect on me.


The skirt is quite full without being too heavy and the soft cotton is nice and breathable for hot summer days. The fabric had a slight ‘crinkle’ to it, making it perfect for packing in a suitcase. I think it could stand being packed, and then still look fab with nothing more than a quick shake – my kind of holiday wear!


Nomads kindly included a lovely soft white cotton shrug to complement this dress – this would be perfect to take along to a day at the beach or an evening event. This was made from organic cotton (as is a percentage of Nomads clothing) and it feels divine. It has some gentle shaping at the cuffs and would definitely keep the chill of a summer evening at bay.


Again, it was a 14 and true to size on me, sitting snugly at the front and back.


I accessorised the dress with a pair of wedges from White Stuff (www.whitestuff.com) and a flower in my hair made by local hair stylist Claire Byrne (https://www.facebook.com/Uptowncurlsuk ). Claire will get her own post soon! Her flowers are gorgeous and worked so well in this outfit.

I adore the feel and quality of Nomad’s clothing. I have worn the other dress I reviewed lots and had so many comments on it. You definitely need to go and check out there website where they currently have many items on sale. Seriously, what are you still doing here?!


It’s the first time in a while I’ve used my camera and I seemed to have forgotten everything I learnt, resulting in about 20 minutes of dark, out of focus photographs and me almost in tears with frustration. Eventually it all came flooding back and I enjoyed taking these using my beautiful spare room as a backdrop!


Temper, Temper!

It is with dreams of teal summer days I say:

It’s only vintage but I like it…

*I was given these items to review, but the views expressed, as always, are my own.*

It’s only a Bespoke dress (update!) but I like it…

I had an exciting parcel today – my toile, from Ali over at Shake your Tush(https://www.facebook.com/shakeyourtush).
I was unaware of this but apparently it’s good practice for dressmakers to make a practice garment when using a new pattern. Well, I say a new pattern, this one is from the early 1950s! Anyway, they’re often made from cheap material, because sometimes multiple toiles might be made before a pattern is perfected.


Ali doesn’t make them out of cheap fabric and I love this green rosey pattern. It’s lovely cotton and it’s even better on!


Excuse the dark photos and mad hair – I had just got in from a heavy week!


I’m very happy with the fit- it’s like a glove! Very excited to get my real dress. The next step is for Ali to to use this same pattern to make my dress from the vintage sheet I gave her.
I shall keep you posted. Meanwhile I need to find out how much she charges for her toiles! If we have a sunny day this weekend (looking doubtful) I quite fancy giving it an outing!


It is with a meteorological wish I say:
It’s only vintage but I like it!

It’s only a Bespoke Dress but I like it…

Today I met up with the lovely Ali from Shake your Tush ( https://www.facebook.com/shakeyourtush ) to discuss my dress!

We met in Ikea and I was able to hand over the lovely 70s duvet cover I bought off eBay. It was an amazing find as it’s never been used and the colours are as bright as the day it was made!


 Here’s a blurry photo of me wrapped up in it, in case you’d forgotten!

i also handed over my candy striped sheet. Again, fab condition and just £2.50. I’d love a dress in that material! So perfect.


We discussed the style of dress and Ali had brought several patterns with her to show me her ideas. She sent me away with a list of measurements and we agreed on a date of completion. Now I just have to wait patiently! I am told I’m a patient person although I feel this will definitely test that opinion!

It is with an impatient sideways glance I say:

It’s only vintage but I like it!