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It’s only Robin’s Nest Emporium but I like it!

It is always pleasing to see a new independent business pop up. We see many come and go as the current economic climate makes it so tricky to survive.

One of the latest ventures on the on the South Coast that caught my interest is Robin’s Nest Emporium.

It is quite out of the way, but well signposted, so bubba and I managed to find it on foot without too much trouble.

Once inside it wasn’t long before I started to spot some tempting items. This Homemaker China caught my eye, but I’m trying to be sensible at the moment, given that I’m on maternity pay!


There was some gorgeous Meakin china too. Plenty of nice finds if you’re a ceramic-aholic like me!


I would have loved to have taken home either this gymnasium horse or the collapsible village hall seating. I once saw a gym horse being used as seating next to a breakfast bar and it was incredible.

I was particularly taken with this upcycled bedroom furniture – it would be so cute in Baby Vintage’s room, but my sister persuaded me we could have a go at doing it ourselves. She’s nothing if not optimistic!

I have to say, on the whole, I was quite impressed with the prices. Obviously, the Emporium is made up of stands from individual sellers, so the prices vary, but I felt they were generally reasonable.

If you get peckish there’s a cafe which looked very inviting. I think next time we might make our visit a lunch date…

So the real test – did I buy anything? I wrestled with my conscience over the purchase of lots of things, but my treat that day was another vintage milk bottle for my collection. Blue Riband biscuits remind me of my grandad, as he always had some in his biscuit tin.

My verdict is that it’s definitely worth a visit, with a good range of bric-a-brac and furniture, plus some modern retro items for your home, I doubt you’ll manage to leave empty handed.

It is with a wistful longing for a Blue Riband I say:

It’s only vintage but I like it!

It’s only a Milk Bottle but I like it…

I know I have mentioned sister-in-law-to-be Elin on my blog before. She helped me review the Bourbon Biscuit Chocolate Spread but declined to be photographed.

So I spied this photo of her and some friends (Elin on the right) on Facebook sometime in the New Year and immediately posted on it how amazing it looked and how I loved those vintage milk bottles and she must take me there. Because I am like that. I am wont to enthuse madly and make demands of people. It’s what I do. And milkshake served in a vintage bottle – what’s not to like?


As a child we lived way to far out in the sticks to be visited by a milkman. He’d have had to navigate several fields, a dirt track, a hill and some straggly sheep. Wales is just like that. I do however, remember my Auntie who lived in a nearby village getting milk and orange juice from the milk man. I used to pass the full ( or empty, depending on the time of day) bottles as I crossed her threshold. I loved the adverts, the colours and designs. They’re very evocative of childhood as I remember the products and advertising campaigns vividly.



A few years ago I discovered someone on eBay selling lots of them and, feeling too guilty to buy myself one, I purchased one for my then squeeze. It was dropped by said beau less that 24 hrs later on our front step where it smashed to smithereens. They do say there’s a reason why each past partner is now an ex (it’s not actually the milk bottle but I still wonder if it was a contributing factor…).


So imagine my surprise when, I opened an unexpected package to find this bad boy.


What a little stunner! Sister-in-law-to-be-Elin had taken note of my demands and purchased my bottle. I feel the beginnings of a collection coming on.


It is with a yearning for eBay I say:
It’s only vintage but I like it…