It’s been a little while. I had assumed my blog might take something of a backseat once Baby was here but I couldn’t have predicted just how all consuming this motherhood business is! We’ve had a little bit of illness, a family wedding and we’ve been battling the intense heat this week, but we’ve survived (and even enjoyed aspects of) it all.

One thing Bubba and I do usually get to do in a week is have a charity shop rummage. In our little part of Southampton there are many charity shops in a half mile radius and we have had quite a bit of success recently. My favourite find is this tin.

I had never heard of Squirrel Confections but the name and concept delighted me so, that I just had to have the tin, even though its condition wasn’t great. A bit of research tells me that Squirrel Confections produced (and seem to still produce) a few varieties of gummy sweets. My Mum remembers buying them from her village shop, asking the shop keeper for “Some of them Squirrel Sweets”.

As usual, I have no idea where it will live or what I’ll use it for, but… I’m sure once I’ve cleaned it up, I’ll think of something! 

It is with a craving for wine gums, I say:

It’s only vintage but I like it!