I decided it was time the humble jug had a post devoted entirely to itself. Possibly because it’s one item of crockery I find it really hard to walk past.

pink jug

I did manage to part with this charity shop find and gave it to my Mum, but it stills hurts…

I think their appeal lies in the fact that they have so many shapes and sizes, patterns and purposes. I try to limit myself to ones that I know I will use.

bisto bisto2

This one has quite an obvious purpose. I love my Bisto jug, it was a Car Boot find and although it’s repro rather then retro, it’s got so much character.

lemons2 lemons

This one has mostly been a vase so far. Mum bought it for me after a particularly stressful time in life.


This jug matches my teapot and it’s handmade by Hannah Turner(www.hannahturner.co.uk). I discovered her on Instagram (https://instagram.com/hannahturneruk/ ) and made an order that day. Her ceramics have a great vintage feel and they’re robust enough to use everyday.

sm beryl 2 sm berylAgain this one is part of a set. It’s no secret to regular readers that I love my 1940s Beryl china. It’s teeny but perfect for a milk jug when I make tea for visitors.

pink spotsI still haven’t found a purpose for this one… It was gift and it came from a department store.  It was a plant pot for a while, with a nice orchid in it. Perhaps it needs a new purpose. Any ideas?

It is with relief that I didn’t make any double entendres I say:

It’s only vintage but I like it!

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