I’m still choosing bits and pieces for the house. Some decisions are tricky and have me scrolling eBay for hours, some just slot into place very quickly.

We have a high ceilinged hallway which had some quite naff black chandelier type things.


I was not a big fan.

The house was built in the 30s and something made me think of the lovely glass shades that were popular then. Whilst your typical Tiffany-style shade might have been a bit cheesy I searched eBay and found plenty of results that I thought might work.


I love this one – plain and classy, it lets lots of light into the hallway and that beautiful amber glass is perfect for my glass obsession.

I also happened upon these lovely ‘fly catcher’ type shades with the beautiful milk glass. There were so many to choose from and they came in a plethora of colours and shapes. The prices ranged too, but I got mine for about £20 – another bargain! It gives a beautiful diffused light – very soft and subtle.


I haven’t put it up yet because to needs a hook and possibly the flex shortening. It’s on the list for my brother next time he comes down to do some jobs. It’s surprising how much he gets down with a steady supply of tea and malt loaf!

So another few purchases that take me closer to my imagined home. I do now have two guest rooms ready to go and I’ve almost finished painting our bedroom. I’m all out of energy until the end of term I think, so the rest of the decorating can wait until I’m on school holidays. For now I shall just enjoy the finished rooms and be dazzled by my lovely Art Deco style lampshades!

It is with a heavenward gaze I say:
It’s only vintage but I like it!

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