imageI love my bed. I’m sure I’ve mentioned that before. I’d had my eye on it for some time and so when the Dr found me my dream house I’d decided it was not time to hold back on the dream bed! He’s very accommodating and agreed to the bed even he likes neither the material it’s made out of or (I suspect) the colour. imageI have lots of nice duvet covers. This one’s Cath Kidston. And I splashed out on some nice white cotton pillow cases to pair up with those nice Rosalie ones from IKEA a few years back, but I still felt the bed was missing something.


When I was little I remembering toddling in to my parents bedroom in the morning to wake them up. Both my Mum and Dad were not morning people and I’m sure as a baby I inflicted the same amount of sleep deprivation on them that most newborns do, so that added to their ability to sleep late when the opportunity arose.image

Attempts to rouse them were rarely welcomed and after a while I developed a routine of padding into the bedroom and climbing onto the bottom of the bed, wriggling under their cold-to-the-touch gold eiderdown and ‘top and tailing’. I’d lie on my back, head between their toes, and stare up at the patterns and knot holes in the wooden boards on the ceiling until the weight of my hot little body and my general fidgeting induced one of them to get up and make me my Ready Brek. Due to this little daily brouhaha, and me generally being a slow child, I took to calling this bed-dressing garment an ‘underhide’ rather than an eiderdown, because I hid under it…imageSomething reminded me of this recently and instantly I knew what I needed to complete my bed! I looked at lots of vintage eiderdowns on eBay but in the end plumped for this beauty from Next. it was on the sale and I can’t find a link to it now, but it’s a lovely rich raspberry colour and has a super soft velvet edging. It’s double sized but I like it folded and ready to keep my toes warm. I used a voucher from lovely friend Rach to buy it so it was a gift to us too!

I’m happy with the way the bed’s looking now, just lots of other things I want to do in the room!

It is with cosy toes I say:

It’s only vintage but I like it!

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