I absolutely must tell you about my day on Friday. I had a very nice, unexpected shopping trip in Southampton.

I had read on a Facebook group called ‘Southampton Vintage’ that a cosmetics company called Besame would be peddling their wares in West Quay shopping centre over Friday, Saturday and Sunday as part of their European launch. I had a quick google and was impressed to read the reviews – beautifully packaged vintage inspired cosmetics – whats not to like? I decided I must pop by for a look and though it might be an excuse to dress up a bit and have a go at a vintage hairstyle!

I watched a tutorial on youtube from Lisa Freemont ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nfGWqMx81ZM ) as, it seems, this is the way to figure out these hairstyles. Lisa’s tutorial was perfect for me because she has short hair that is not cut in a traditional 1940s style, like myself. Anyway, I watched, I listened, I rolled, I pinned, I sprayed, I swore and I repeated a few times. But I have to say, it wasn’t as tricky as I’d thought and for someone like me, who is completely clueless, I was pretty pleased with the results!


I didn’t follow Lisa’s tutorial to the letter – she curled her hair first, but that’s something I have yet to figure out!

I added this dress from Nomads which I bought a couple of summers ago and headed into town.

I found Sharon Holloway (who I believe is one of the main UK stockists of Besame and is co-owner of VHL Emporium) and her lovely team in West Quay and had very quickly inveigled my way into their models chair where Sharon expertly applied some Cherry Red lipstick. I had been shown the range of red lipsticks (I’m a new convert to a bright red lippy!) and immediately adored this shade. Sharon applied it using a brush and gave my lips a lovely shape. She then surprised me by not giving me the hard sell but rather advised me to “Go have a wander round, pout in lots of mirrors and come back if you’d like to make a purchase”. How amazing, and so different to a recent experience where a very pushy assistant put a bag of make up in my hand and asked “Cash or card?” before they’d even finished their sales pitch!


You’ll be pleased to know I did exactly as I was advised and took these photos in a store changing room!


The texture of the lipstick was lovely and it smelt and tasted very natural – I remember buying cheaply made lipstick as a teenager and putting something that smells like swiftly rendered pig fat on my lips is not something I’ll repeat. Besame pride themselves on their use of natural ingredients – and boast that their mascara has just 7 ingredients! Not a claim many manufacturers could make, I’d wager…

Anyway, I wandered, I selfie’d, I purchased two beautifully printed tops and a delish perfume and then headed back to the Besame stand to claim my lippy. I had a quick chat about my blog and then paid a pretty reasonable £22 for my lovely cherry red lipstick. It comes in a lovely vintage style metal case, red velvet slipcase and pretty box. I’m a sucker for nice packaging and this doesn’t disappoint!


I must admit that after this I ate an ice lolly, a big salad and had a few snogs with Dr P when he got in and as you can see it hasn’t budged an inch!


If you’re interested in trying some products check the VHL website here for details: http://vhlemporium.co.uk

I’m already planning new purchases and couldn’t be more delighted with this product.

It is with a shimmering lip line I say:

It’s only vintage but I like it…

*Disclaimer* I paid for these products and any views expressed are my own…

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  1. Polly, you are simply beautiful. AD has clearly done awesome things and you shine. So very very glad you are happy…and I’ll be having a look for these gems – the colour is gorgeous on you!

    Big love and light xxxx

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