The funny thing is – I don’t drink coffee. Well, maybe once or twice a year if I’m very hungover or tired and really need a hit to get me through. But for some reason when I saw this recipe I really fancied making it – I think it’s because it’s the first coffee cake recipe I’ve seen with whole spoonfuls of coffee in it!


Cut Out and Keep ( is the brainchild of Cat Morley. She’s been running the website since she was at Uni and it’s a great place to discover craft projects and then share your own versions of them. I’ve used it lots and hope to lots more in the future when I finally have some room to make a mess!

Anyway, the coffee cake was one of my favourite type of cake recipes as it just involves pretty much mixing everything up in a bowl and then putting it in a cake tin. This, I can do! I bought Dr P some nice filter coffee from an independent coffee shop for Xmas so two generous spoonfuls went into the mix!


Cat didn’t specify which type of flour so I assumed it was plain flour, due to the other raising agents in it. I put it in a loaf tin, which again seemed to work. It made a very rich and quite dense cake which had a proper coffee hit – not one of those springy, pale brown coffee cakes with a few drops of coffee essence. It was another of my never-baked-it challenges and I’m pleased with the results. As is often the way, I had a few slices and then took the rest to work, it disappeared quickly!

Check out Cut Out and Keep, and maybe try the cake too – let me know how you get on!

It is with a sizeable caffeine hit I say:

It’s only vintage but I like it!

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