What is Hygge? Let me tell you… It’s a Danish word pronounced ‘hoo-ga’ and it roughly translates as ‘cosiness’.

Hygge is one of the reasons Denmark is often voted one of the happiest countries in the world. In a place that has long and gruelling Winters, people have learned the value of light, warmth, good food and good company.


Hygge is about warm, cosy interiors, filled with candles and throws. Evening spent with bowls of warm nourishing food, warming drinks and cherished friends. And I for one think it sounds flipping awesome.


In the UK we hit January with a massive hangover (either alcohol induced, food induced or both) and immediately guit trip ourselves into starting new diets and punishing fitness regimes. We analyse ourselves and make New Years Resolutions, promising to floss, drop 9lb and form a deep and meaningful relationship with kale.

Rather than punishing ourselves wouldn’t it be better to relax into this climate? To cuddle up under a blanket with some hot food and a nice glass of grog is going to make getting through Winter that much easier. Accept that outside is not a pleasant place to be, accept that your drive to excercise will diminish, and accept that time with people you find easy to be with will do you some good.

I wonder if we’ve lost the art of Hygge in the UK. I doubt my grandparents started each new year with an improved fitness regime and promises to wax more regularly. In days gone by did winter mean more time by the fire, more books read and more hot meals? I expect so. Just goes to show – this whole vintage thing isn’t such a bad idea. Sometimes we lose sight of the best way to do things!

It is with the knowledge that ‘You can’t translate – you have to feel it…’ I say:

It’s only vintage but I like it!

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  1. I know what you mean.We treat November and December in a warm and cozy way but once January comes around we do immedietly start to think about punishing ourselves to lose tose few pounds.January and February can be the coldest bleakest months when we should still be treating ourselves kindly and keeping cozy.Hygge sounds a good idea.:)

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